Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate serves as the voice of the faculty within the institution. Made up of elected representatives from the various Schools, the Faculty Senate actively participates in FIT's governance, working in alignment with the policies set by the FIT Board of Trustees. According to its by-laws, the Senate possesses both the authority and responsibility to propose recommendations and represent the faculty's interests across all aspects of campus life.


President of the Faculty Senate: Amy Werbel
Past-President: Calvin Williamson
Representatives to Faculty Council of Community Colleges: Eric Ramirez and Benita Jones (ALT)
Secretary: Ellen Lynch


Fall 2024–Spring 2025 meeting dates TBD

Faculty Senate general meetings are open to all faculty and are held on the third Thursday of each month from 1 to 2 pm. Specific dates will be provided at the start of each academic year. 

Faculty Senate officers are required to attend the Faculty Senate general meetings and the Executive Committee meetings which are scheduled every Monday from noon to 1 pm.

Standing Committees

  • Executive Committee
  • Academic Assessment
  • Academic Standards (CAS)
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Evaluate Administrative Personnel (CEAP)
  • Instructional Technology (IT)
  • Sabbaticals and Release Time for Research
  • Student Affairs
  • Tenure and Promotion
  • Ad Hoc: Committee on Minor Programs

More Information

The Office of Faculty Services works in support of the Faculty Senate.

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