Roundtable Participants

2020: FIT at 75 includes two roundtables composed of administrators, faculty, staff, FIT's Board of Trustees, and the Educational Foundation for the Fashion Industry.

Georgianna Appignani, director, International Programs
Joanne Arbuckle, acting assistant dean, Art and Design
Joseph Arcoleo, director, Environmental Health and Safety Compliance
Jay Baker, board member, FIT Board of Trustees
Richard Balestrino, assistant chairperson, Advertising, Marketing & Communications
Leonard Bess, chairperson, Fashion Design - Apparel
Mark Blaifeder, assistant vice president, Finance and Operations
Pilar Blanco-Ruiz, professor, Foreign Languages
Anna Blume, professor, History of Art
Dympna Bowles, dean, Curriculum and Instruction
NJ Bradeen, director, Library
Joyce F. Brown, president
Irene Buchman, coordinator, Presidential Scholars Program
Jeffrey Buchman, chairperson, Faculty Association
James Cascaito, chairperson, Foreign Languages
Jerry Chazen, board member, FIT Board of Trustees
Herbert Cohen, vice president, Student Affairs
Michael Cokkinos, professor, Advertising and Marketing Communications
Maria Conelli, dean, Art & Design, Graduate Studies
Dario Cortes, vice president, Academic Affairs
Susan Cotler-Block, chairperson, Communication Design
Christine Davis, director, Counseling Center
Lori di Bisceglie, professor, Fashion Merchandising Management
Howard Dillon, assistant vice president, Academic Affairs
Jana Duda, non-classroom faculty, Library
Roberta Elins, chairperson, Advertising, Marketing & Communications
Steve Elkin, foundation board member, Educational Foundation
Judith Ellis, associate chairperson, Toy Design
Mario Federici, chairperson, Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries
Mina Friedman, director, Financial Aid
Jean-Ellen Giblin, professor, Social Science
Jeanne Golly, director, Internship Center
Ed Goodman, board member, FIT Board of Trustees
Patrice Goumba, non-classroom faculty, Financial Aid
Ann Marie Grappo, director, Residential Life/Student Housing Corp
Naomi Gross, assistant chairperson, Fashion Merchandising Management
Norman Gross, assistant vice president, Software and Information Access - IT
Nancy Grossman, director, Student Life
Vicki Guranowski, executive director, Alumni Affairs
Reginetta Haboucha, dean, Liberal Arts
James Hanley, deputy director, The Museum at FIT
Margie Hanrahan, director, Employment and Training - Human Resources
Carl Harrell, bursar, Bursar's Office
Beth Harris, acting director, Distance Learning/Online Courses
Gloria Hartley, professor, Fashion Merchandising Management
Eric Hertz, director, Executive Studies Program
Rosmary Howell, dean, Student Services
George Jefremow, executive director, Facilities
Ingrid Johnson, professor, textile Development & Marketing
Janice Johnson, staff, Fashion Merchandising Management
John Kahl, vice president, Institutional Advancement
Loretta Lawrence Keane, vice president, Communications & External Relations
Young-Ja Kim, registrar, Registrars Office
Deborah Klesenski-Rispoli, chairperson, Photography
Marianne Klimchuk, assistant chairperson, Packaging Design
Arthur Kopelman, professor, Science & Math
Desiree Koslin, director, Center for Excellence in Teaching/Teaching Institute
Sandy Krasovec, professor, Packaging Design
Michelle Lavarnway, professor, Fashion Design - Apparel
Donna Lehmann, staff, Communications & External Relations
Carol Leven, director, College Relations
David Levin, controller, Accounting
Deborah Levine, professor, Educational Skills
Dolores Lombardi, director, Admissions
Joan Lombardi, professor, Communication Design
Chenise Marine, staff, Student Life
Joan Melnick, assistant chairperson, Interior Design
Karen Middleton, professor, Fashion Design - Apparel
Catherine Mikell, professor, English & Speech
Philip Milio, non-classroom faculty, Student Life
John Mincarelli, associate chairperson, Global Fashion Management - FMM
Eileen Mislove, professor, Textile/Surface Design
Denyse Montegut, acting chairperson, Restoration, Museum Studies
Bill Mooney, assistant chairperson, Health & Physical Education
Andrew Moszynski, professor, Interior Design
Juan Nunez, assistant vice president, Human Resources - Affirmative Action
Alison OConnor, staff, Software & Information Access - IT
Gregory OConnor, assistant vice president, Business Operation & Planning - IT
Lisa Okubo, associate general counsel, Office of the General Counsel
Connie Passarella, director, Career Services
Diane Phillips, director, Institutional Research
Shaya Phillips, acting vice president, Information Technology
Annette Piecora, vice president, Human Resources & Labor Relations
Rosalyn Pier, director, Budget & Purchasing
Rocco Piscatello, professor, Communication Design
Richard Pitts, professor, Fine Arts
Nicholas Politis, professor, Interior Design
Carol Poll, chairperson, Social Science
John Pomerantz, foundation board member, Educational Foundation
Christine Pomeranz, professor, International Trade and Marketing
Christine Pratt, associate chairperson, Home Products Development
Shari Prussin, executive assistant, Office of the President
Art Reiner, foundation board member, Educational Foundation
Carolyn Rieger, assistant vice president, Instructional Technology - IT
Adam Rockman, assistant director, Residential Life
Juliette Romano, president, UCE of FIT
Stephen Rosenberger, non-classroom faculty, Library
Robin Sackin, chairperson, Fashion Merchandising Management
Peter Scotese, board member, FIT board of Trustees
Susan Sermoneta, professor, English & Speech
Jeff Slonim, general counsel, Office of the General Counsel
Laura Solomon, assistant vice president, Human Resources & Labor Relations
Harvey Spector, vice president, Finance and Operations
Valerie Steele, director, The Museum at FIT
Thomas Stoffa, manager, Enterprise Technology Services, Information Technology
Dennis Sudul, manager, Payroll
Rebecca Suhrawardi, student, FIT Student Government
James Sullivan, professor, Educational Skills
Rena Sussman, professor, Textile/Surface Design
Joyce Szymanski, non-classroom faculty, Admissions
Linda Tain, professor, Fashion Merchandising Management
Thomas L. Thomas, dean, Student Development
Diann Valentin, professor, Fashion Merchandising Management
Robert Vassalotti, acting assistant dean, Business & Technology
Sree Vengunta, non-classroom faculty, Counseling Center
Jane Werner, professor, Fashion Merchandising Management
Cassandra Williams, professor, Patternmaking Technology
Mary Wilson, professor, Menswear
Suikang Zhao, professor, Fine Arts
Steven Zucker, chairperson, History of Art