Diversity Grants Awarded


  • AAPI Visionary Entreprenuers Panel Discussion Series & Exhibition
  • Timothy Joo - Adjunct Faculty - Entrepreneurship Department
    William Reinisch - Chair of the Entrepreneurship Department
  • A Pilot Program for an Adaptive Design Series
  • Carli Spina, Head of Research & Instructional Services, Associate Professor - Gladys Marcus Library
    Maria Rothenberg, Instructional Services & Assessment Librarian, Associate Professor - Gladys Marcus Library
    Matthew Michaels, Reference Assistant, Research & Instructional Services (RIS) - ​Gladys Marcus Library
  • Diversity meets Technology of Fashion
  • Jennifer Lee, Ph.D. Assistant Professor , Fashion Business Management department
    Nomi Kleinman, Chairperson Fabric/Surface Design department
  • The FIT Soul Club Oral Histroy Project FIT 
  • Andrea Kleine, FIT Library, Cataloging Associate
  • Collaborators:
    Karen Trivette, Professor, FIT Library, Head of Special Collections and College Archives
    Samantha Levin, FIT Library, Curator of Digital and Audiovisual Assets
    James Ferguson, FIT Library, Special Collections Associate
    Joseph Anderson, Assistant Professor, FIT Library, Digital Initiatives Librarian
    Leslie Preston, Assistant Professor, FIT Library, Head of Acquisition & Metadata Services
    Paul LaJoie, FIT Library, Access Services Manager


  • Social Equity Works
    Nicole Benefield, Assistant Professor, Fashion Design
    Sandra Markus, Professor, Fashion Design
    Mary Capozzi, Adjunct Professor, Fashion Design
    Karen Middleton, Assistant Professor, Fashion Design
  • Black Futures at FIT: Conversations on Art, Activism and Empathy
    Alexander Nagel, Assistant Professor, History of Art
    Joi Berry, Black Student Union at FIT
  • I am . We are .
    Andrea Reyes, Adjunct Professor, International Trade and Marketing
    Ella Whipple, Student Intern, Fashion Business Management
    Edvina Ikeljic, Student Intern, International Trade and Marketing
    Kalina Przywozny, Student Intern, International Trade and Marketing
    Giovanna Sarno, Student Intern, International Trade and Marketing



  • What is Feminism Now? Art and Activism
    Melissa Tombro, Associate Professor, English and Communication Studies
    Sandra Markus, Professor, Fashion Design
    Kim Cunningham, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences
    Katelyn Burton, Assistant Professor, English and Communication Studies
    Leslie Blum, Assistant Professor, Communication Design
  • Beauty in All Cultures
    Sarah Wilmot, '18 Illustration
    Mark Higden, '18 Illustration
    Brendan Leach, Chairperson, Illustration MFA



  • Impactful Language - Ellen Brennan Hearn, Grants Office; Professor Curtis Willocks, Department of Photography; Professor Christine Shin,  Department of Communication Design; and Dr. Brian Fallon, Director, Writing Studio
  • Film and Media Screening Series - Professor Michelle Handelman, Associate Professor of Film Media

  • Women and Technology Symposium and Wikipedia Edit-a-thon - Helen Lane, Emerging Technologies Librarian, Goodman Resource  Center, Gladys Marcus Library; Stephenie Futch, User Support Assistant III, Technology Development Team.


  • Cultural Spheres - Professor C. J. Yeh, Communication Design; Professor and Chair Suzanne Anoushian, Communication Design; Professor  Curtis Willocks, Photography; Professor Christie Shin, Communication Design
  • Step Dance Workshop at the Museum at FIT - Tanya Melendez, the Museum at FIT; Melissa Marra, Associate Curator of Education, the  Museum at FIT; Dr. Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator, the Museum at FIT
  • Ride the Culture Loop - Dr. Eleanor diPalma, Film, Media and the Performing Arts; Professor Eileen Karp, Fashion Design; Professor Ellen  Lynch, Accessories Design; Professor Michael Cokkinos, Advertising, Marketing and Communications; Jim May, Artistic Director, Ana Sokolow Dance Theater Ensemble; and Wendy Perron/Jennifer Stahl, editors at Dance Magazine







  • Covering/Discovering - Alex Joseph, Communications and External Relations
  • Diversity and Learning - Professor Pamela Ellsworth, Global Fashion Management
  • Photo Talks - Professor Jessica Wynne, Photography
  • Dynamic Diversity - Professor Charlotte Brown, Educational Skills; Professor Brian Fallon, Writing Studio; and Madeline Meyerson, Academic Advisement Center