2016: Creativity and Sustainability

""10th Annual Sustainable Business and Design Conference

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Keynote Speaker

  • Sass Brown, Acting Associate Dean, School of Art and Design: Sustainable Fashion

Featured Speakers

  • Gaia Vince: Welcome to the Anthropocene!
  • William Sharples, Principal, SHoP Architects: Planning for Sustainability: A Platform for Innovation
  • Dr. Donald Lee, President, International Committee for UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty: Global Goals for a Sustainable World

FIT Faculty Presenters

  • Anna Blume, Professor, History of Art: Ethics and Sustainability Minor at FIT: Towards a Collective Consciousness
  • Ronald Eligator, Adjunct Professor, Sustainable Interior Environments: Integrated Design for Sustainability
  • Seema Pandya, Adjunct Instructor, Sustainable Interior Environments: Art and Sustainability
  • Joelle Williams, Adjunct Instructor, Fashion Business Management

FIT Student/Faculty Presentation: Closing the Loop: The FIT Compost Project

  • Lydia Baird, Textile Development and Marketing, BS
  • Willa Tsokanis, Textile Development and Marketing, BS
  • Ajoy K. Sarkar, Faculty Advisor and Associate Professor, Textile Development and Marketing 

Artists Panel

  • Keith Ellenbogen, Assistant Professor, Photography
  • Oliver Kellhammer
  • Lucy Slivinski 

Speakers and Presenters

Sass Brown
Ron Eligator
Keith Ellenbogen
Oliver Kellhammer
Donald Lee
Seema Pandya
Ajoy Sarkar
William Sharples
Lucy Slivinski
Willa Tsokanis
Gaia Vince
Joelle Williams