2019: Beauty and Technology

2019 Student Research: transparent beauty


Assignment Brief: Beauty and Technology

As we enter the Fifth Industrial Revolution, it is undeniable that technology is redefining the world around us. From intelligent robots and autonomous vehicles, to 5G and artificially intelligent limbs, technology is blurring the lines between the physical and digital world. Technological advancement will not only continue to affect the way in which we live our lives, but the world in which we live them. The current state of technology and its projected future will also redefine what it means to be human.

Technology & Societal Evolution

Defined as the “AI” revolution, the Fifth Industrial Revolution will undoubtedly redefine every aspect of our lives. The technological achievements of today are only a foreshadowing of what is to come. Advancements in quantum mechanics will result in an unparalleled technological shift on every societal level. From environmental, medical, political, economic and societal, quantum mechanics will solve some of the world’s toughest challenges and provide us with new frontiers in healthcare, energy and environmental systems. Yet, our research shows that these technological advancements will also redefine societal norms, resulting in a new class system and a shift towards global welfare as the aging population of today becomes the largest demographic in the next twenty years. Our research tackles the implications that AI and Blockchain will have on the notion of GDP, and how the next invasive species could be born from technology and robotics. The signs of imminent change are flashing right before our eyes – but are we paying attention?

» Technology & Societal Evolution Infographic (.pdf)
» Technology & Societal Evolution White Paper (.pdf)

Technology & Human Identity

The first digitally connected generation since birth is here. With the introduction of technology in early childhood, the trajectory of human development is transforming, and GenZ has become a generational experiment as to exactly how. Today, individuals are largely ignorant to the cataclysmic shift driven by technology that is altering who we are as a species, and what the human species will look like if this current trajectory continues. In a world where Google is our memory, digital assistants are our butlers, and our behavioral data is our worth, we are already forging a path towards a new superhuman race. Yet, are we dehumanizing humans at the same rate at which we are advancing our capabilities? Our research shows how new cultural and scientific advancements are impacting our physical capabilities, our intellectual range, our DNA, and even the very wiring of our brains. Human evolution is already moving beyond the constraints of genetics. Our research tackles one of the most preeminent questions of our time: Is DNA a matter of destiny, or a working draft that is subject to human editing?

» Technology & Human Identity Infographic (.pdf)
» Technology & Human Identity White Paper (.pdf)

Original Quantitative Research

Four original quantitative surveys queried U.S. consumers to understand how they perceive and comprehend new technology, and their sentiment on its benefits and flaws. The research showed that consumers are largely positive about how technology is changing their lives; however, there is a strong desire for regulation and transparency as technology continues to integrate into all aspects of their lives.

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