Database FAQ and Troubleshooter

Please contact us if you don't see your problem listed here or if you need additional help.

FIT Library databases are available for academic and non-commercial use by current students, faculty, staff, and permitted guests. Re-distribution and sharing of content within these databases with third parties is prohibited and violates our licensing agreements. By using these databases you agree to adhere to these terms and conditions.

  • To access our databases, use the same username and password that you use for MyFIT, Brightspace, FIT email, and for logging on to campus computers. If you changed your password from the default (birthday) password, use the new one.
  • When you're asked for a username and password on any FIT site (any website with a OR address) enter your user name (firstname_lastname); don't add
  • Always access databases through the databases list, and click on the + sign before each database name to look for the most up-to-date special instructions. 
  • These databases have special registration instructions; Click on the + sign next to each database name and follow instructions exactly:
    usiness of Fashion
    Coloro Workspace
    Material ConneXion
    New York Times Academic Pass
    WWD Digital Daily
  • These databases require you to log in once with your FIT username and password, and take you to a page with additional instructions listed:
    Intimate Apparel Journal
    Home Furnishings Retailers
    Database / Chain Store Guide
    Kantar Media Ad$pender
    Salesman's Guide
  • If you are given a password, registration code or other info you need to continue, make sure you enter it exactly as it appears for example, all upper or lower case.
  • Be careful if you copy and paste the information as you may accidentally pick up an extra space or character that will cause an error.
  • Look for any compatibility notes or warnings posted on the databases pages by clicking on the plus sign (+) before each database.
  • Generally, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari will work, but others may not. If one doesn't work, try another. You may also need to update to a more recent version of a specific browser.
  • Always use an incognito browser to access MRI-Simmons, WGSN, and Bloomsbury Fashion Central resources: Berg Fashion Library, Fairchild Books Library, Fashion Photography Archive. You can also use it for any other database, unless we indicate otherwise. Click to watch a video on how to use an Incognito browser.
  • I get the message: “log in while you’re on campus or within your school’s network”
    Note: you don’t actually have to be on campus; please login with your password remotely. and that counts as "within your school's network."
  • Users accounts that are suspended after too many incorrect login attempts are automatically reactivated after two hours. You can reset your password using this link.
  • For all other error messages (”account was deactivated,” “locked out after too many incorrect login attempts” and still unable to login after two hours) contact us.
  • We don't have access to all the articles from Science Direct.  It is a known bug that it sometimes shows that we have something that you can't actually get to. 
  • Contact us for other ways to find what you need.
  • Please access all databases from our library website. We do not currently have any arrangements where you can log in from a publisher's own site. If you come across a database or article while you are searching Google or as a link from somewhere else, come back to our website to see if we subscribe to it.
  • Database access and library borrowing privileges remain active if you are registered for classes for the current and/or upcoming semester.
  • For example, if you are registered for the fall semester by the end of the spring semester, you will have access to databases throughout the summer.
  • Unfortunately, alumni do not have remote access to any of our databases. Our contracts with the companies require that only current students and employees can use our subscription databases. 
  • Check  Online Resources for Non-FIT Students for alternatives.
  • Declared certificate students who sign an affidavit and receive a plastic FIT ID have access to all databases and have full borrowing privileges.
  • Undeclared certificate students receive a paper ID and do not have access to databases and cannot borrow materials.

Precollege students have access to databases.

  • If one database doesn't work, try a different one. If you're only having trouble with one, it's probably an issue on that site only. Wait a few minutes and try again.
  • If several don't work, there may be a temporary network problem. Wait a few minutes and try again, but contact us if these issues persist.