Design Thinking

This minor is open to students in the Schools of Business & Technology and Liberal Arts only.

students in a classroomDesign today is a multidisciplinary collaborative field where business leaders, managers, and marketing specialists work closely with teams of designers, writers, and developers to accomplish goals. These goals range from small projects to complete business strategies.

The Design Thinking minor was created for non-designers who are intending to work in the design industry or with designers, either as business developers, retail managers, account managers, or strategic planners.

You will learn how design research (history, trends, best practices, and existing practice review) can be incorporated into an analysis and design strategy. You will learn how to develop a design strategy by creating a communication and management approach that integrates the talents of designers in different fields.

Minor Coordinator: Eric Daniels, Pomerantz Center, Room B451


Complete the following five courses.

Course Credits
DD 114 Creativity and Aesthetics 2
DD 115 Design Management Collaboration 2
DD 116 Design Process 2
DD 117 Digital Documentation and Presentation 2
DD 118 Environments and Experiences 2

Please check the Undergraduate Catalog for course descriptions and any prerequisite information.