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International Trade Practicum, Stockholm & Copenhagen


Your son or daughter has embarked upon a life-changing academic, social, and cultural experience at FIT and it may involve studying abroad. FIT offers numerous opportunities throughout the curriculum for students to gain global competencies that equip them for exciting jobs in the fashion industry and beyond. FIT has a wide range of study abroad options in many locations around the world and is committed to providing international learning experiences for all students, on campus and off. 

Gaining an Employment Edge - The Impact of Study Abroad
Research conducted by Christine Farrugia and Jodi Sanger, and published by the Institute of International Education, 2017.

Prospective Students

If you are planning to study abroad, you may be able to complete your first or second year at FIT in Italy or first and second year at SUNY Korea! 

  • FIT in Italy: Fashion Design, Florence
    Students may attend this overseas program for one year by spending semesters 1 and 2 in New York and semesters 3 and 4, or semester 4 only, in Florence, or by spending semesters 1 and 2 in Florence and semesters 3 and 4 in New York. Refer to the Fashion Design AAS degree requirements and to the Fashion Design department webpage for courses to be taken in New York and for other information. Students must complete IT 111 Elementary Italian before attending Fashion Design program in Florence for the second year or for the fourth semester only. Credit for IT 111 is included in the degree total credits.  Learn more about FIT in Italy.
  • FIT at SUNY Korea: Fashion Design or Fashion Business Management, Seoul 
    Admitted students may spend two years at SUNY Korea to acquire an AAS (Associate in Applied Science), followed by BA (Bachelor of Arts) or BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) programs offered in either Milan, Italy or New York City.  Learn more about SUNY Korea.

» Preparing to Study Abroad: Pre-Departure Resources for Students 

Frequent Questions Parents ask about Study Abroad

How can I help my student decide whether to study abroad?

Initiate a conversation with your student about their interest in studying away from New York City. Most students select locations to take courses that fit well in their major and/or minor. Some pick locations to advance their learning of a particular language. Others study in places that connect to their family's heritage. 

How should my student choose a program abroad?

Students should talk to their academic advisors and/or advisors in the study abroad office to identify what they hope to achieve, the location that best serves their major and/or minor, and the ideal duration. Check out FIT's Study Abroad website: Study Abroad at FIT 

Do students stay on track in their major and graduate on time if they study abroad?

By talking with an advisor early in their first year at FIT, students will become aware of study abroad opportunities that are consistent with their academic plan. When students select an FIT study abroad or student exchange program to go abroad, and do well, they can be assured that the courses they take will count toward their degree requirements. 

Is financial aid available for study abroad?

In most cases, Financial Aid will cover study abroad. However, financial aid may be available to students that participate in semester and academic year abroad programs, but not for summer or winter abroad programs. The Financial Aid Office reviews requests for financial aid on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Financial Aid Office to see if you are eligible. See the Scholarships & Financial Aid page for more opportunities to help your student pay for study abroad.

Study Abroad Opportunities by Undergraduate Major

Last updated December, 2019

Accessories Design:  Semester program Florence. Credit-bearing Summer Internships are available in Paris, Sydney, Barcelona, and Dublin

Advertising Marketing Communications: Semester programs in Rome, Florence, Paris, and Mexico City, as well as a four-week internship opportunity in London 

Advertising and Digital Design: Semester programs in Falmouth or Leeds (UK), and Melbourne

Animation, Interactive Media, and Game Design: None

Art History and Museum Professions: Semester programs in Florence, Rome, Paris, and York (UK)

Communication Design Foundation: None

Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing: Summer program in Paris-London-Milan

Direct and Interactive Marketing: Semester program in Copenhagen

Entrepreneurship: Semester programs in Paris and Rome

Fabric Styling: Semester program in Florence, Summer program in Florence, Milan, and Como

Fashion Business Management: One-year and one-semester programs are available at FIT’s campus in Florence. FIT also offers an AAS program at SUNY Korea. Semester programs in London, Manchester, Melbourne, Paris, Rome, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Summer programs are available in Milan and London-Florence-Berlin. Credit-bearing Summer Internships are available in Paris, Sydney, Barcelona, Stockholm, and Dublin

Fashion Design: FIT in Florence and Milan offers one-year or one-semester programs. FIT also offers an AAS program at SUNY Korea. Semester programs in London and Nottingham (UK), Santiago-Viña del Mar (Chile), Melbourne, and Hong Kong. Credit-bearing Summer Internships in Paris, Sydney, Barcelona, Stockholm, and Dublin

Film and Media: Semester program in Rome and Paris, and Credit-bearing Summer Internships are available in Berlin and Hong Kong

Fine Arts: Semester program in Florence, and Credit-bearing Summer Internships are available in Berlin and Hong Kong

Graphic Design: Semester programs in Bournemouth, London, and Nottingham (UK), Dunedin (NZ), and Mexico City

Home Product Development: None

Illustration: Summer program in Florence

Interior Design: Semester program in Florence. Summer program in Paris.

International Trade and Marketing: Semester programs in Paris, Rome, Shanghai, and Florence. Winter courses are available in varying locations such as Stockholm, Taipei, and Hong Kong. Credit-bearing Summer Internships are available in Paris, Sydney, Barcelona, Stockholm, and Dublin

Jewelry Design: None

Menswear: Summer program in New York-Paris-Milan

Packaging Design: Semester program in Lahti (FIN). Winter program in London-Amsterdam

Photography: Semester programs in Paris, Bournemouth (UK), and Florence. Summer program in Florence-Berlin-London. Credit-bearing Summer Internships are available in Berlin and Hong Kong

Production Management: Semester program in Hong Kong

Technical Design: None

Textile Development and Marketing: Summer program in northern Italy

Textile Surface Design: Semester programs in London, Edinburgh, Halifax, Melbourne, and Mexico City. Winter programs in Rajasthan (India) and Santiago-Viña del Mar (Chile). Summer program in Paris.

Toy Design: None

Spatial Experience Design: None