Administration Guidelines

What are my responsibilities after I have received a Sustainability Council grant? 

  • Comply with all Sustainability Council “Grant Fund Grant Administration Guidelines.”
  • Meet performance requirements as defined in your grant application.
  • Report on performance requirements defined in your grant application and other performance measures specified in the grant award.
  • Comply with conditions set forth by the Sustainability Council Grant Review Committee.
  • Keep an accurate record of the grant­ budget and invoices.

Who is responsible for administration of the sustainability grant?

The person who submitted the grant proposal or the person who has been designated as the project director is primarily responsible for the administration of grant invoicing and grant budget maintenance.

Where can I find the regulatory requirements that apply to sustainability grant funds?

In addition to the instructions provided in the Sustainability Council Grant application guidelines, you must adhere to all FIT policies and procedures, including but not limited to the following:

  • Bi­Tech policies and procedures
  • Facilities rental services, rates and fees, rules and regulations, and reservations request policies and procedures

How can I access the sustainability grant funds I am awarded?

Promptly submit all invoices* to the Sustainability Council co­-chairs at [email protected]. All invoices must be signed by the project administrators or they will not be paid. Payments will not be made until goods/services have been received. You will be given a COST CENTER (payment account number) once you receive official notification of your award from the president. The cost center will be used on all expenses and invoices.

*NOTE: All goods and services must be received by June 30, 2018. Any outstanding invoices must be received no later than July 1, 2018 in order to be processed on time, unless there is prior written notice and reasoning for delay.

Payment for Services

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) must be created and signed by both the vendor/consultant providing the services and the project administrator. This must be completed and submitted to Sustainability Council at [email protected] before services begin. If a vendor is new to FIT, a Request for New Vendor PEID form and a W­-9 form ­ are required.

Payment for Goods/Purchases

All goods/supply orders for more than $200 must be submitted to [email protected] for approval prior to purchasing or ordering. Once a purchase order has been assigned, the Sustainability Council will contact you to let you know that you may proceed with your order.

For purchases under $200, you may submit receipts for reimbursement along with a completed, signed Petty Cash Reimbursement Form. Cost Center and Object Code requirements and the Authorizing Signature will be completed and processed by the Sustainability Grant staff.

Do I need prior written approval for changes to the grant project?

For most changes in the grant project and/or terms of the grant, you must obtain prior written approval from the Sustainability Council Grant Review Committee by emailing [email protected].

How do I obtain written approval for changes in my grant project?

Requests for changes in the project must be submitted in writing and signed by you. The signed, written response of the Sustainability Council Grant Review Committee will constitute approval for the change. Requests for extensions of the grant period should be signed and submitted not more than two months before the scheduled end of the grant period. An extension will not be considered unless a project is up ­to­ date in submitting its financial and narrative reports.

What reports am I required to make?

In addition to the instructions provided in the submission guidelines, the Sustainability Council Grant Review Committee may require additional reports or information at any time during the grant. You will also be required to present during FIT’s annual Sustainability Conference in April (specific date to be determined).

What is the format and content of the financial and narrative reports?

Grant recipients must submit financial and narrative reports to [email protected]. If there are any differences between actual finances and those in the grant proposal budget, they must be explained in these reports.

Interim narrative reports should briefly state the performance objectives and activities for the entire grant and then focus on what has been accomplished during the reporting period. The report should include a summary of project activities; state whether the project has proceeded on schedule; describe any revisions of the work plan, staffing pattern, or budget; provide any web address/addresses created by the project; and include any press releases, articles or presentations relating to the grant project or its outcome. It should include an analysis of the objectives met during the reporting period and list any objectives for the period that were not accomplished.

The final report must provide a detailed assessment of the entire project, following the format for interim narrative reports, including whether the performance objectives and goals established in the original proposal were met; whether there were unpredicted results or outcomes; whether the project encountered unexpected problems and how you faced them; and how you could have improved the project.

The report must discuss the project's impact, if any, on your intended audience, FIT and others. It also must indicate whether you are requesting all or part of the project activities to be institutionalized at FIT and explain how this can be accomplished. The project director must sign final narrative reports.

What additional materials must I submit with the final narrative report?

A brief summary of the results of your project, including images, will be posted on the Sustainability Council website. Please submit this summary to [email protected].

Must I acknowledge the sustainability grant support?

Grantees or grant project directors may publish the results of any work supported by a Sustainability Fund Grant after review by the Sustainability Council. All published materials or other products resulting from the project must acknowledge the assistance of FIT’s Sustainability Fund Grant and the Sustainability Council.