Add/Drop and Late Registration


After your initial registration, you can make adjustments to your course schedule by adding and dropping courses through the late registration (add/drop) period. No record of adding and dropping courses during late registration appears on your permanent; however, after add/drop, a withdrawal grade is assigned for all courses in which you were enrolled. 

The late registration (add-drop) period takes place during the first week of a fall or spring semester and through the second day of a winter or summer session.  

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Late Registration

Students registering for the first time during the late registration period, must pay a late registration fee. Fees (tuition, program change, late registration, etc.) must be paid at the time of registration.  Only students formally registered may attend classes this week.  Instructors should run rosters before each class and should not admit students into classes whose names do not appear on their student rosters.  

As of the last day of Add-Drop (Late Registration), all registration is officially closed. All students planning to pursue coursework are expected to have added their courses and fully paid their tuition by the last day of the add/drop period. Only students formally registered may attend classes. Instructors will check their rosters before each class. Instructors will not admit students into class whose names do not appear on their class rosters. Students who do not appear on an instructors roster will be instructed to leave that particular class.


The following guideline is only for extenuating circumstances.  Deans may approve requests to register after the official late registration (add/drop) period only in rare cases. 

After the add-drop period is over and under extenuating circumstances, a student may have a course added to their schedule within the second or third week of the semester by following these steps: an instructor must write a memo approving the late registration and include a valid reason for the schedule change*.  The department chair and school dean must also approve the change. All approvals should be submitted to the Registrar's Office, for processing.  If applicable, special approval(s) must also be included.  Once the registration is processed, all fees (tuition, program change, late registration, etc.) must be paid immediately.

* Acceptable reasons for a course change outside of the add-drop period are traditionally administrative in nature. Acceptable reasons do not include a student's inability to pay tuition on FIT's due date.