Non-Print Materials

Non-print materials are available at the Library Services Desk on the 5th floor. Circulating DVDs are found in the Main Stacks. The materials below are included in the Non-Print Collection. 

Loan Times for Various Materials

Type of Material Loan time
DVDs & Videocassettes    varies - 2 hours, 1 day, 1 week, or library use only
CD-ROMs  varies - 2 hours, 1 day, 1 week, or library use only
Slide sets  library use only
Fashion Designer Slide Collection (a non-circulating collection of color 35mm slides from selected fashion designers) library use only (located in Special Collections)
Photographic Equipment from the MakersMind Space  4 hours, library use only
Wacom Tablets    4 hours, library use only
Cintiq Pens 4 hours, library use only
Cutting Mats  4 hours
Apple Chargers for phones and laptops 4 hours
Digital Cameras  4 hours, library use only
Media Card Readers 4 hours, library use only
Film/Negative/Slide scanning accessories 4 hours, library use only
Portable Chargers 2 hours, library use only
Light Therapy Lamp 3 days
Dell USB Slim DVD Drive (Portable DVD Players) 3 days

Use OneSearch, the Library Catalog, to search and locate non-print materials in the Library. Restrict your search to non-print categories by using the appropriate selection under By material type or by using Document type. Need help? Contact us!

Faculty members: You may borrow selected items for classroom use, checking them out of the library on the day of the class. Please contact the Library Services Desk in advance so that the material can be ready for you. 

More Information on Borrowing

For requests to purchase non-print materials, contact the Acquisitions and Metadata Services Unit.

last updated: 4/18/24