Extended Absence Notice

The Dean of Students Office will send out an extended absence notice to a student's Professors in cases where they are going to be absent from classes for an extended period of time (72 consecutive hours or more) due to a prolonged medical illness/injury, extended hospitalization, and/or death in the family. Supporting, verifiable documentation will need to be provided by the students in order for this notice to be sent out. Once the notice is sent, it is the responsibility of the student to communicate with each of their Professors to make up the work they miss.

An extended absence notice from the Dean of Students Office does not excuse the absence as only your Professor(s) can excuse your absence. The notice will corroborate the reasoning behind your absence. Students who must miss class for minor illnesses or routine medical appointments are expected to communicate directly with their professors about their absence. The Dean of Students Office does not provide absence notices for students who miss class for minor medical reasons.

Questions or requests should be directed to [email protected]. You may also contact the Dean of Students Office at (212) 217-3800 or stop by the office located in the Business and Liberal Arts Center, Room B-221.