Withdrawal and Refund Information

Breaking Your Housing Contract

If at any time you decide break your housing contract , you must complete an online withdrawal form, which is sent directly to the Residential Life Office. The information provided below will help you navigate the withdrawal process. 

Please note: withdrawing from the college does not automatically withdraw you from housing. See: Withdrawing from the College

Students who are graduating, students enrolled in a college exchange program, or students withdrawing from the college must complete the housing withdrawal request. Questions regarding refund checks/payments should be directed to the Bursar's Office at (212) 217-3680.

Students who are already living in campus housing and are withdrawing from the residence halls MUST ADHERE to the established check-out procedure.

To Submit a Withdrawal

  1. Log into your myHousing
  2. Click Forms and Applications
  3. Select Withdrawal From Housing
  4. Complete the form and our office will be in touch within 5 business days

Mid-Year Withdrawals

Mid-Year Withdrawal Agreement.PDF

Students who wish to complete their Fall 2023 semester in housing but not return for the Spring 2024 semester need to complete a mid-year withdrawal. Once a withdrawal form is submitted, the student is no longer considered enrolled for the Spring 2024 semester.

Students who wish to cancel their withdrawals are not guaranteed their original space or housing, especially if Residential Life has already processed and replaced their spot in housing. Students must ensure they are prepared and confirmed to live off campus before submitting their withdrawal.  

The refund schedule for mid-year withdrawals are as follows:

  • Studens who withdraw from Housing for the Spring Semester between 10-1-2023 and 11-30-2023 will not be charged the $500 Housing Deposit.
  • Students who withdraw December 1, 2023 or after will be charged the $500 deposit and the following amounts in accordance with these dates:
    • Last day for 100% refund: 1-January
    • Last day for 75% refund: 18-January
    • Last day for 50% refund: 29-January
    • Last day for 25% refund: 12-February
    • No refunds will be issued past 13-February

Once a student submits their withdrawal form they are responsible for vacating their room on time. Failure to follow proper procedures will result in additional monetary obligations. 

Immediate Withdrawals

Fall Term

  • Last day for 100% refund: 1-August
  • Last day for 75% refund: 18-August
  • Last day for 50% refund: 29-August
  • Last day for 25% refund: 12-September
  • No refunds will be issued past 13-September

Spring Term

  • Last day for 100% refund: 1-January
  • Last day for 75% refund: 18-January
  • Last day for 50% refund: 29-January
  • Last day for 25% refund: 12-February
  • No refunds will be issued past 13-February

Terms and Conditions Per Housing Agreement

  1. No refunds are granted for technology fees, residence association fees, insurance fees, or housing application fees
  2. Residents forfeit the right to appeal housing of dining related charges and refunds after the posted move out date for the semester
  3. Dining and Housing refund appeals must be made through the Housing Appeals Form for review by the Housing Refund Committee. All decisions made by the committee are final
  4. If a student’s application for residence is not accepted and the resident chooses to withdraw, the $500 deposit will be refunded in full.
  5. A resident who officially withdraws or has been dismissed from FIT for either academic or disciplinary reasons is not released from the obligations of this Contract unless otherwise agreed and will remain responsible for all associated costs.
  6. If Resident vacates a suite/room without the consent of Residential Life prior to the end of the stated Term of this Contract the Resident shall remain responsible for the costs of the entire stated Term of the Contract.
  7. Failure to occupy a space after signing this Contract does not relieve the Resident of the responsibility to fulfill the terms and financial obligations of the Contract.