Steering Committee and Working Groups

Steering Committee  

FIT’s self-study process is led by two co-chairs and a steering committee that coordinates the Middle States working groups.  Faculty, staff, administrators, and students have been brought together into working groups to gather evidence related to Middle States accreditation standards, to reflect upon our last ten years, and to make suggestions for improvements.  The process includes collecting information and gathering feedback from the FIT community to develop the final self-study report.

While the working groups include representation from all areas of the institution, we hope for broader participation in the process through town halls and meetings, feedback on documents, and more.  Please send any questions or concerns to [email protected].

Steering Committee Membership

Self-Study Co-Chairs

Rebecca Bauman, Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Cultures
Carolyn Comiskey, Executive Director of Assessment

WG1: Standards I/VII

Patrick Knisley, Dean, School of Liberal Arts
Jennifer LoTurco, Deputy to the President 
Robin Sackin, Professor and Chair, FBM, and current President, Fac. Senate

WG2: Standard II

Daniel Benkendorf, Associate Professor, Social Sciences, and chair of IRB 
Eric Odin, Associate General Counsel

WG 3: Standard III

Todd Blumenthal, Assistant Professor, Fashion Business Management
Deborah Klesenski-Rispoli, Assistant Dean of Curriculum

WG4: Standard IV

Suzanne McGillicuddy, Assistant Dean of Students
Devon Vidal, Assistant Professor, and Director of Academic Advisement 

WG5: Standard V

Sarah Blazer, Assistant Professor and Associate Director for Writing, Writing and Speaking Studio
Brad Paris, Associate Professor and Chair, Photography

WG 6: Standard VI

Joanne Arbuckle, Deputy to the President for Industry Partnerships and Collaborative Programs  
Sherry Brabham, Treasurer, and VP for Finance and Administration
Brooke Carlson, Associate Professor, Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management


Darrell Glenn, Assistant Dean of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Yasemin Jones, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and FIT Accreditation Liaison Officer

Verification of Compliance Task Force

Griselda Gonzalez, Director of Policy & Compliance