About FIT Emergency Preparedness Plan


This FIT Emergency Management Plan provides an overview of the actions FIT and its response partners would take in response to an emergency affecting the FIT community, buildings, or environment. In addition, the plan describes the actions FIT faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to take in response to an emergency. Examples of emergencies covered by this plan are:

  • severe weather and natural disasters
  • utilities and facilities emergencies
  • hazardous materials
  • serious threats to the health of the FIT community
  • serious threats to the safety of the FIT community
  • emergencies impacting student affairs

Plan Coordination

To facilitate coordination with relevant local, regional, State, and Federal emergency plans and response partners, this plan was developed using the principles and general approach outlined by the National Response Framework and National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Plan Review and Updates

This plan is reviewed regularly and updated as needed to ensure that the information it contains reflects FIT operations, to evaluate the effectiveness of this plan, and to ensure procedures and practices developed under the plan are adequate and being properly implemented.

» FIT Emergency Management Plan (.pdf)