Tutoring Contract

Please read the following Tutoring Contract to understand the purpose and rules of the tutoring center.

I understand that I am only allowed one absence per semester.

I understand that I must cancel my appointment 24 hours in advance.  If not, it will be considered an absence.

I understand that I should contact the tutoring center if I am going to be late or absent by sending and email to [email protected] or by emailing the tutor at their FIT email address.

I will supply my tutor with information and the syllabus for my course and will have the necessary notes, books, and equipment.

I will do as much of my homework and preparation as possible before my tutoring session.

I understand the purpose of tutoring is to help with the clarification of material that the instructor has already presented in class or to get a better understanding of required reading and homework.

I understand that I cannot expect the tutor to have the same expertise as my instructor.

I understand that under no circumstances will a tutor do my work for me and cannot help with take home exams or tutor me during class time.

I understand that a tutor's job is to help me to become a more self-sufficient, independent learner by helping me to discover the skills necessary to eventually succeed on my own.