HS Fashion Design: Menswear Design Course Descriptions

Menswear is more than just shirts and ties - it encompasses style and sensibility through cut, proportion, and fabric. Concentrate your creativity on one of fashion's most dynamic fields and learn about careers in design, styling, and merchandising. 

Please note: Not all courses are offered each semester

HMW 101 Drawing for Designers: Men's Fashion
The ability to translate your fashion design ideas from imagination to paper is an essential skill for any fashion designer. You'll learn the basics of drawing the croquis (a menswear fashion figure) and how to apply garment silhouettes using the industry's technical drawing standards. Develop the skills for drawing proportions and dimensionality that are necessary for portfolio submissions. (You can skip this summer class if you've already taken HMW 151)

HMW 102 Sewing for Designers: Button Down Shirt
Make your own button-down shirt! Using an industrial sewing machine, you'll explore the professional techniques necessary to take your garment from pattern to completion. Start with your favorite cotton fabric, then customize and embellish your piece as time permits. Note: The projects and class schedule may be adjusted to reflect the abilities and pace of the students in the course. (You can skip this summer class if you've already taken HMW 157)

HMW 151 Introduction to Menswear Design
Learn the basics of the field with instruction from a seasoned menswear designer. Create original artwork and presentation boards that showcase your design ideas.  Intro to Menswear Design Gallery

HMW 157 Introduction to Menswear Sewing: Sewing a Shirt
Develop and hone your sewing abilities with special attention paid to the construction of menswear. Sew a men's shirt while learning basic skills and industry standards and practices. Sewing a Shirt Gallery

HAR 096 Agender Sportswear Design  (This course is also listed under the Womenswear Design offerings)
You will design unisex sportswear for this new and emerging segment of the fashion design industry. Develop your own croquis and develop garment shapes that work on multiple body-types. You will design and render your own agender sportswear line.