Two-Year AAS or Two-Year BS Degree Program

If you are a high school student

You may not apply directly to the bachelor's degree program. High school students should apply to the two-year Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree program and after completing that degree, with a minimum GPA of 2.0, apply to the two-year Bachelor of Science (BS) program in Advertising and Marketing Communications. 

If you have an AAS from FIT

In Advertising and Marketing Communications: You may apply to the AMC BS program.

In another Business and Technology major or an AAS in Communication Design:  You may apply to the AMC BS program. You will be required to complete the following bridge courses prior to the sixth semester:

See your academic advisor for more information.

In any other AAS program:  You may apply to the AMC BS program after completing the one-year AAS program in Advertising and Marketing Communications.  See below or talk to your academic advisor.

If you have credits or a degree from another college

You may apply to the AMC BS program as a transfer student if you meet one of the following criteria by the time you enroll at FIT:

  • you will have an associate or bachelor's degree from a regionally-accredited college in a program that is equivalent to the AMC AAS program. Certain prerequisite or equivalent courses in the major area must be completed.
  • you will have earned at least 60 credits toward a bachelor's degree in an equivalent or related program at a regionally accredited college.

A college program is equivalent if it contains the same major area and liberal arts distribution as the FIT Advertising and Marketing Communications program. Applicants from college programs that are not equivalent must apply to the AAS program.

Please note that FIT AAS students receive priority admissions consideration.

One-Year AAS Degree Program (on campus or online)

The application for one-year AAS programs is the same application used for the two-year programs. The only difference between the one-year and two-year programs is that the one-year program is designed for students who have completed 24 credits of General Education courses as noted below.

Once the application is filed, an official college transcript should be forwarded to the Admissions Office showing all completed coursework and, if applicable, the degree completed and the date granted.

You may apply to the one-year program if you have:

  • graduated from a four-year college or completed at least 30 transferable credits at a college with a minimum of 24 credits equivalent to FIT's liberal arts requirements

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