Withdrawals and Refunds

Withdrawal Refunds

If you want to withdraw and have your tuition refunded, you must follow the official withdrawal procedure:  Withdrawing from the College

Not attending class or stopping payment on a check is not considered an official withdrawal from the college and you will be responsible for all tuition liabilities. Refunds of tuition and fees paid to the college will be processed only after an official withdrawal form is submitted in the required time period to the Registrar's Office or online during the first week of classes.

This procedure does not apply to non-credit courses. For non-credit courses refunds please see Precollege Refunds and Noncredit Refund Procedures

The date on which the withdrawal application is received by the college or processed online is considered the official date of your withdrawal.

All non-financial aid (withdrawal) refunds will be processed after the last day of the add/drop late registration period.

The time period for receiving a refund for non-financial students may take up to eight weeks.  If you wish to receive a refund prior to this time frame, please notify the Bursar's Cashiering Office located in Business & Liberal Arts Center, Room B127.

If you paid your tuition via credit card, the withdrawal refund will be posted as a credit to your card. Payments made by check or cash will be refunded by check if you are not enrolled in eRefunds (see below). 

Withdrawals for students receiving Title IV Funds will be processed according to federal regulations. Please refer to the Financial Aid Eligibility and Policies for more information.

Refunds are issued according to the following schedule for students not receiving financial aid funds.  

Spring 2022

  • Last day to receive 100% refund: Jan 30, 2022
  • Last day to receive 75% refund: Feb 6, 2022
  • Last day to receive 50% refund: Feb 13, 2022
  • Last day to receive 25% refund: Feb 20, 2022

No refunds after February 21, 2022


Financial Aid Refunds

Financial aid refunds occur when your financial aid award is posted to your account and you have a credit balance (after all semester charges are deducted). You should anticipate a refund seven to 10 days after financial aid is credited to your account. 

Financial aid refunds will be distributed in the form of a check for students not enrolled in eRefunds (see below). Refund checks may be picked up at the Cashiering Office in Business and Liberal Arts Center, Room B127.

Setting up eRefunds for Direct Deposit

If you are anticipating a refund, you may enroll in eRefunds through our Bill Payment Center to have funds sent directly to your bank account. You must provide a bank routing number and account number on the eRefunds account setup page. You will be notified by email when your refund is deposited to your bank account.


  • Log in to Bill Payment Center
  • Click on Refunds
  • Follow the directions to enroll. Make sure your bank account number is correct and up to date. This is where your refund will be routed.  

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