Moving Out

Leaving for Break Periods

The Fashion Institute of Technology closes periodically through the year. For a schedule of different break periods and what residential students are required to do for each visit our break housing page. These dates are subject to change, please refer to your FIT Email for the most up to date information. 

Moving Out of Your Current Room

If you are moving out of your current space to switch into another room on campus, make sure you have first completed all the steps in the Room Change Process found in our policies and have written confirmation from Residential Life of your approved request. You will receive information about how to complete this switch to your FIT provided email. 

Moving Out & Not Returning and/or Leaving for Summer Break

  1. Prepare for Move Out
    1. Take a moment to plan out who will clean what & when. Residents in apartments are expected to clean their bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.
    2. Start packing in advance, trying to pack in addition to finals can be overwhelming. 
    3. Sign up for a check out time with your RA as far in advance as possible
  2. Finding Storage
    1. Students returning to campus in the spring may leave their items over winter break
    2. During summer there is no storage space available on campus. 
  3. Moving Out
    1. Parking: Someone should remain with your car at all times, unattended, double parked cars, or cars blocking access are all subject to ticketing and towing by NYPD.
    2. Checking Out: You will need to schedule a meeting with your RA prior to checking out. During this time your REC will complete a preliminary evaluation of your room and complete your check out RCR. 
    3. Returning Key: Bring your key to the Office of Residential Life or drop it in the Key Drop Box located in the Alumni Hall Lobby
    4. Cleaning: Ensure your room is clean and that you have swept, mopped, and removed all trash / belongings from the space. 

Withdrawing from Housing

If you have chosen to withdraw from housing, you must complete the steps in the above guide. You must also complete the withdrawal form found in Withdrawal Information. Once your withdrawal is submitted you have 48 hours to vacate your room and return your key. 

Considering off campus housing but aren't sure yet? Check out our Off Campus Housing page. 


Contact Us

Office of Residential Life

Alumni Hall First Floor or Kaufman Hall First Floor
(212) 217-3900 for Alumni Hall
(212) 217-3930 for Kaufman Hall