Student Work

2021 Graduating Student Exhibition

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Student Work

  • Left alone in a cottage on Halloween night, three girls are chased by a mischievous ghost.
  • Two Bengali sisters find themselves in a haunted forest being hunted by a malicious spirit.
  • A girl is willing to do anything to be more popular than her rival, even going so far as to make a contract with a demon!
  • A Unity Game Engine based side-scrolling adventure game that has a mixture of both 2D and 3D elements.
  • A veteran tries to adapt to normal daily activities throughout his life while struggling with the effects of PTSD.
  • A crew of teen rebels on laser-skates are pursued through a high-tech urban setting by a robotic military state enforcer.
  • A lonely soul wanders through an old, decrepit house, where something unfriendly lurks within the halls.
  • A desperate mouse ion for food draws near,
Henry the mouse has to brave the dangers of scavenging for food in the human’s dining room where a cat awaits.
  • After an unsuccessful voyage, a cowardly pirate-in-training returns to dangerous territory on the high seas with his captain.
  • A stealthy soldier infiltrates an area controlled by killer robots.
  • During his journey to find the water spirit, the protagonist encounters some interesting things.
  • Tired of working hard to take of his realm, a demon king takes a day trip to the human world.
  • Living on a monster-infested lake, a brooding lighthouse keeper makes a startling discovery when he witnesses a murder by the siren responsible for his daughter's death.
  • A diabolical wizard attempts to destroy a nearby village by summoning the darkest entity in his spell-book.
  • Jack’s life is supposed to be easier with magic, but that might not be the case, especially when magic has a mind of its own.
  • A Mongolian warrior's true love carves out a monument to their commitment--even in the afterlife.
  • In a distant-future America, an individual’s wealth and societal status are the only keys to success.
  • A short, animated story about an artist's creative blocks and overcoming them.
  • Dealing with bullies has become the norm for Lewis, but now he must deal with an even bigger threat to the mascot of the shop itself.
  • A young girl goes about her day unaware her mom is using imagination to shield her from their financial reality.
  • A guy who is plagued by his dreams and nightmares believes they are trying to tell him something.