Social Media

FIT maintains an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok. CER manages these accounts, posting strategic content based on FIT’s brand pillars to engage and inform a wide and diverse audience. Across these channels, we have more than 340,000 followers, and growing. Recent data showed FIT’s social media channels have more followers than any of our peer institutions and any other SUNY college.

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Social Media at FIT is part of the marketing and communications planning within Media and Public Relations activities. FIT's primary social media channels are managed by CER and cover major annual events, such as the Gala, Couture Council Luncheon, Sustainability Conference, Future of Fashion Runway Show, Admitted Students Day, and Commencement; student and faculty-run events around campus; and other news and activities. CER also works to coordinate various social media channels maintained by other units of the college. Advertising activity builds social media into promotional and media plans, maximizing impact by targeting messages to particular audiences.

Social Media Services 

  • Recommend social media platform(s) for your program, event, or department
  • Provide best practices in using social media for your department or program
  • Develop social media plans for campaigns and events
  • Support institutional events by providing pre-event, live, and/or post-event coverage
  • Consult on social media boosted posts
  • Create icons for various social networks

Before creating additional accounts related to FIT, you must read the Social Media Policy and discuss your goals with CER. We’ll help you determine your best options. To inquire about social media, please submit a request.

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