Health Services adhere to strict standards of confidentiality regarding information about health care services rendered, conditions, or any other privileged information to which the Health Services have access.

We maintain secure and private treatment of records. These records will never become part of your academic or administrative records at FIT. If you want any information released to anyone outside the Health Services, you will need to provide written authorization. Special considerations apply to students under 18.

There are important legally mandated exceptions to confidentiality. These include:

  • Notification of relevant others when a clinician judges that a client is in immediate danger to self or others.
  • The clinician must report any incidence of suspected child abuse, neglect or maltreatment in order to protect the children involved.
  • In legal cases, clinicians or clinical records may be subpoenaed by the court.

In some situations, we may consult with the Counseling Center with the patient's verbal or written consent to insure the quality and coordination of health care. Read the Counseling Center's privacy policy for more information.