Program Outline

*Program outline is subject to change based on the pedagogical needs.

Session #1

Creativity for Diversity and Inclusion

  • Case Study: Loving Day—the world’s largest network of multiethnic community celebrations

The Rise of Purpose-led Brand

  • A brief history of branding
  • What is a brand purpose and why is it important?
  • Homework: Brand Purpose Development

Sessions #2 and #3

Designer’s Social and Ethical Responsibility

  • The problems with Fashion–impact
  • Design as a problem-solving tool
  • Exercise: write your own manifesto
  • Strategies to redesign more sustainable products
  • Exercise: TED Ten

Session #4

Accessible Design, Universal Design, and Inclusive Design

  • What is the difference between accessibility, universality, and inclusion?
  • Case studies: design education for inclusivity

Design for Accessibility

  • UX and UI accessibility fundamentals 

Inclusive and Adaptive Product Design

  • Introduction to Inclusive Product Design and Adaptive Product Design
  • Creative Challenge

Sessions #5 and #6

Sonic Design for Inclusivity and Accessibility

  • Communicate and connect meaningful information through music, sound, and voice
  • Adding empathy and humanism to virtual environments
  • Create efficiency in articulating the brand, product, message, and benefits
  • Exercise: brand messaging and the expression of sonic identity
  • Pre-assignment: sound and smart devices
  • Smart Home technologies and products
  • Accessibility technologies that are changing the world of healthcare

Session #7

Social Entrepreneurship

  • Identify your opportunity to create social change
  • Develop your business and marketing plan
  • Resources and launching your business
  • Exercise: social enterprise business plan

Session #8

Social Entrepreneurship and Diversity in the Workplace

  • Case Study: Bolé Road Textiles
  • Case Study: Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation
  • How do we create a more inclusive entrepreneurial space?
  • How we can better connect underrepresented entrepreneurs with capital and the future of the sector
  • Final Creative Challenge