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Almost all Packaging Design graduates are employed as branding and packaging design professionals across diverse industries. Many are recruited directly through their internships or the annual portfolio showcase.

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Professional titles range from designer and junior designer to creative director in brand design firms and in-house corporate design departments at companies that include Avon, Bliss, Colgate-Palmolive, Estée Lauder, Limited Brands, Mattel, Pepsi and Two’s Company.

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Sean Jackson

Creative Director's Job Shift During the Pandemic

Sean Jackson, Packaging Design alumnus and creative director for YSL Beauté, began to see the impact of COVID-19 when he began receiving emails cancelling projects during the beginning of the pandemic.

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Making a "Kool" Man Cooler

As Head of Design Strategy and Front End Design at Unilever, one of Sharon Gunzburg’s favorite projects? Making the Kool-Aid Man cooler.  “We took him to a modern space without losing those design elements that everybody knows and loves,” she says. “We made sure he had some updated elements ... different colors, a slightly more contemporary pitcher shape.” And keeping household names relevant is what interests her the most. “It's challenging to create new brands or new innovationsbut for me, a bigger challenge is reimagining tried and trusted brands.”

In her current job at Unilever, she’s advanced another cabinet staple by creating a Vaseline® All-Over Body Balm Jelly Stick. “With a lot of our products, we make big sizes that typically live in people's homes … but portability has become important,” Gunzburg says. “You wouldn’t put a jar in your purse. We wanted it to be less messy, more on-the-go.” But no matter what, she always keeps brand authenticity in mind. “It’s the brand truth that I try to pull inspiration from, because then it threads through the life of the brand and how you develop new products.”

It's challenging to create new brands or new innovation—but a bigger challenge is re-imagining tried and trusted brands.

Sharon Gunzburg

Packaging Design ’93
Packaging Design ’93

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