Student Award Winners

MetroPlusHealth Uniforms for NYC’s Healthcare Change Makers Student Design Contest

Sponsor: MetroPlusHealth Plan, Inc
Challenge: Design uniforms that feel comfortable, confident, and cool for four separate sorts of employee roles at MetroPlusHealth Plan, Inc., (Traveling Transporter, Street Savers, Community Connector and The Voice), and will reflect the MetroPlusHealth brand, as well as taking into account working conditions and reflecting cultural awareness of both the employees and the communities they serve.
Participants: Open to 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th semester students enrolled in Fashion Design or Technical Design/Patternmaking Programs.
Outcome: Categories & Winners: Driver – Habin Lee (Technical Design BS), Enrollment – Luhua Hung (Fashion Design BFA), Community Engagement – Avery Jeon (Fashion Design BFA), Call Center – Georgina Gianna Dionicio (Fashion Design BFA), Honorable Mention – Community Engagement – Yuting Fu (Fashion Design BFA).
Contact: Fashion Design Apparel Professor Michael Kaye ([email protected]).
Articles: MetroPlusHealth Announces Eight FIT Student Finalists for NYC Dream Weaver Uniform Re-Design ChallengeMetroPlusHealth Announces Winning FIT Designs for NYC Dream Weaver Uniform Design Challenge, Five FIT Students Win Prizes Totaling $21,000 to Outfit Health Care Heroes of NYC Health Plan 

Ralph Saltzman Prize Student Contest

Sponsor:  Saltzman Family Foundation
Challenge: Design fabric that would incorporate characteristics of alternative work spaces and which would meet aesthetic and functional aspirations of today’s employees all while preserving the boundaries of the corporation.
Participants: Open to 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semester students enrolled in Textile Development and Marketing Program.
Outcome: 1st Place: Rebecca Dillenberger (Textile Development and Marketing BS); 2nd Place: Jonathan Bowman (Textile Development and Marketing BS); 3rd Place: Emily Hubbard (Textile Development and Marketing BS).
Contact: Textile Development and Marketing, Department Chair Sean Cormier ([email protected]).

FM 422 (Merchandise Strategies Capstone Project)

Sponsor: Francesca's
Challenge: Create a brand merchandise strategy plus marketing development of the strategy idea for Francesca’s Administrative Management, Inc.
Participants: Open to FIT students enrolled in the Fashion Business Management's fall 2022 FM 422 (Merchandise Strategies Capstone Project Course).
Outcome: 1st place team: Nancy Ades (Fashion Business Management BS), Amanda Diaz (Fashion Business Management BS), Raysa Montnegro (Fashion Business Management BS), Inbar Zana (Fashion Business Management BS); 2nd place team: Katyana Avila (Fashion Business Management BS), Rae Chen (Fashion Business Management BS), Wilfred Hu (Fashion Business Management BS), Yu Sun (Fashion Business Management BS); 3rd place team: Evan Colacchio (Fashion Business Management BS), Natalie Durham (Fashion Business Management BS), Nicole Hanashian (Fashion Business Management BS), Hannah Rongo (Fashion Business Management BS).
Contact: Fashion Business Management Professor Catherine Geib ([email protected]) or Fashion Business Management Professor Nancy Sheridan ([email protected]).

Saks OFF 5th Pure Navy Student Design Contest

Sponsor:  Saks OFF 5TH
Challenge: The students are tasked with creating two full activewear lifestyle looks – one bottom, one top, one third Layer (bodysuit, jacket, etc) per look.  Student submissions included a storyboard highlighting color palette, fabric and how the designer envisions the products being worn in daily life.
Participants: Open to all  Fashion Design Students.
Outcome: 1st Place: Grace Cooper (Fashion Design BFA); 2nd Place: Cher Mouradzadegun (Fashion Design BFA); 3rd Place: Ja'Miah Watson (Fashion Design AAS).
Contact: Fashion Design Art Professor Mary Capozzi ([email protected]). 

We Stand As One for Mental Health Student Design Contest

Sponsor: WestPoint Home
Challenge: FIT students were challenged to create designs that promote awareness and understanding of, and care, compassion, and treatment for, mental health illness, in the context of the fashion and textile industry.
Participants: Open to FIT students enrolled in the fall 2022 Textile Surface Design's TD 207 (Adobe Illustrator for Textile/Surface Design) class students.
Outcome: 1st Place: Sophia Herrera (Textile Surface Design AAS); 2nd Place: Mia Cunningham (Textile Surface Design AAS); 3rd Place: Kamryn Matsumoto (Textile Surface Design AAS).
Contact: Textile Surface Design Professor Professor Ruth Jeyaveeran ([email protected]).

QI-Collective Metaverse Collection Student Design Contest

Sponsor: QI-Collective
Challenge: Students were challenged to think like the architects and designers and be entrepreneurial in designing  a digital 3D Metaverse Collection.
Participants: Open to all 5th and 7th semester Fashion Design Students.
Outcome: 1st Place: Jade Ruiz Saad (Fashion Design BFA); 2nd Place: Jinny Xu (Fashion Design BFA); 3rd Place: Yully Wang (Fashion Design BFA); Honorable Mention - Miyeon Shin (Fashion Design BFA). 
Contact: Fashion Design Apparel Professor Nicole Benefield ([email protected]).

15th annual $10,000 Supima Design Competition

Sponsor: Supima
Challenge: Design a capsule collection of five women’s wear looks featuring the unique characteristics of Supima cotton.
Participants: 2022 graduating seniors from Academy of Art University, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Kent State University, Parsons School of Design, Rhode Island School of Design, and Savannah College of Art and Design.
Outcome:  FIT Finalist: Bryan Barrientos (Fashion Design BFA).
Contact: Fashion Design Apparel Professor Susanna Moyer ([email protected]).
Articles: Design Competition - Supima Cotton, Bryan Barrientos Honors His Peruvian Heritage in Supima Design Competition

Rizzoli's Windows Student Contest

Sponsor: Rizzoli Bookstore
Challenge: Students were tasked with presenting ideas about how to decorate the window of the Rizzoli Bookstore on the themes of Fashion or Design by drawing inspiration from works of art in any field from the 1400 to the 1700.
Participants: Open to all students who have completed a set of History Courses.
Outcome: 1st place: Andrew Sherburne (Fashion Design AAS).
Contact: History of Art Professor Eveline Baseggio Omiccioli  ([email protected]).