Interior Design AAS


Deadline: November 1 - SlideRoom Fee (USD): $10


Deadline: February 1 - SlideRoom Fee (USD): $10

The Interior Design Portfolio submission consists of two parts:  written essays and design projects. We want to understand your creative process in both written and visual components. We ask that you put thought into your process and work to create original creative art that reflects your unique self-expression and special quirks. We want to see who you are in your design process.

Interior Design prepares graduates to be proficient in all aspects of the interior design profession and capable of handling a variety of projects from the initial stages of programming, research, and field condition documentation through all steps necessary for the development of construction, working drawings and documents, monitoring of contractors’ progress, reviewing shop drawings and maintaining project records.

The design process is emphasized in all facets of the program, including lighting analysis and concept development, research and development of color, finishes, and materials, as well as furniture and accessories. Knowledge of applicable building codes and regulations is required, and a vast array of presentation methods are explored through free-hand sketching, drafting, rendering, and perspective both manually and electronically.

Please submit two short essays and design projects consisting of 13 to 19 images.


Interior Design AAS Essays

Please respond thoughtfully and note that your answers do not replace the essay that you are required to submit as part of your FIT/SUNY application.

1. In approximately 250 words, please describe 2 or 3 of the projects in your portfolio. Discuss your inspiration, concepts, discovery and/or challenges you experienced while executing the works. One of the examples should relate to the interior space or built environment.
2. In approximately 250 words, please express your desire to study Interior Design, your design resources, inspiration, attributes, relevant experiences and personal goals.


Design Projects (13-19 images total)

  • PROJECT ONE: Original Design Work (5-8 examples)
    Applicants should submit 5 to 8 examples of their artwork including drawings, paintings, sculpture, and/or drafting of interior spaces (plans, elevations, and/or perspectives). The work may include an object or space inspired by an artist or designer. The work may be executed in graphite or color pencil, pen & ink, watercolor, mixed media, marker, charcoal, pastels, collage, photography, and/or ceramics.
  • PROJECT TWO: Three-Dimensional Model of a Space (3 images)
    Applicants should submit 3 images of a physical (not digital) model of a space of their choice. The model of the interior space may be of a residential, office, restaurant, gallery, retail or spiritual space. The space may be constructed of any material, which may include fabric, balsa wood, cardboard, chipboard, foam core, Plexiglass, acetate, craft paper and/or an unconventional model material.
  • PROJECT THREE: Hand Sketching (5-8 images)
    Applicants should submit a minimum of 5 to 8 images of hand sketches of interior or exterior spaces, furniture, objects, portraits and/or still life arrangements. Hand sketches should illustrate as much as possible the three-dimensional qualities of the subject matter, including texture, pattern, material, reflection, shade and shadow. The work may be executed in graphite or color pencil, pen & ink, watercolor, mixed media, marker, charcoal and/or pastels.

Provide 13-19 items. Images (up to 5MB each), Video (up to 250MB each), and PDFs (up to
10MB each)