Academic Workload, 38.0

Classroom Faculty Workload

Retrieved from Collective Bargaining Agreement

38.1 Full-time employment by the College is considered the basic employment of the individual and the individual shall limit other compensated professional activities so as not to impair his/her educational effectiveness. In no case shall an employee have full-time employment elsewhere while he is a full-time employee of the College.

38.1.1 The standard weekly work load for full-time classroom faculty is a minimum of twelve (12) class contact hours. Any member of the classroom faculty who is assigned the equivalent of twelve (12) hours of combined class contact and released time, excluding evening and/or weekend hours for an entire Fall or Spring semester shall be considered a full-time member of the faculty.

38.2 The duties of Department Chairs, Associate Chairs and Assistant Chairs include departmental, academic, and administrative responsibilities. The teaching loads for Department Chairs, Department Associate Chairs and Department Assistant Chairs follow:

  1. Department Chairs
    The teaching load for a Department Chair shall be no more than three (3) hours per semester.
  2. Department Associate Chairs
    The teaching load for Associate Chairs shall be no more than six (6) hours per semester in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

    An Associate Chair setting up a new Department will receive fifty-four (54) hours release time to be used during the first three (3) years of the existence of the Department, including the time before the Department has students. After three (3) years, such Associate Chair will be entitled to six (6) hours release time per semester.
  3. Department Assistant Chairs
    The teaching load for Department Assistant Chairs shall be no more than nine (9) hours per semester.

38.3 Full-time faculty shall schedule and post four (4) office hours per week at times most convenient for students and deployed over no less than three (3) days per week, except as may otherwise be scheduled and approved by Department Chair. No such hours shall be posted for any time during common hour activity. Additional time will be made available for consultation with students by prior appointment.

38.4 Faculty members shall perform such additional College assignments considered to be reasonable by the parties hereto except that registration assignments shall be limited to orientation and counseling of students.

38.4.1 A faculty member who is assigned and conducts academic advisement sessions during evening or weekend hours shall be compensated at one-half (1/2) his/her hourly rate.

38.5 Full-time teaching assignments shall be compact, deployed over no less than three (3) days extending in any one day for no longer than six (6) hours, except that individual faculty members may consent to a different schedule.

38.6 The number of different instructional preparations each semester shall be kept to a minimum.

38.6.1 Full-time faculty, who substitute on an occasional basis during day session, shall continue to be paid at his/her regular hourly rate for those hours that exceed six (6) hours for regular courses and nine (9) hours for laboratory/studio courses, per semester. Full-time faculty, who substitute for any given section(s) for three (3) or more consecutive weeks, shall be paid at his/her regular hourly rate or at 1/1000 of annual base salary, whichever is greater, from the first day of such substitution.

38.8 Effective with the beginning of the Fall 1997 semester, each part-time day classroom faculty shall maintain office hours for consultation with students which shall equal the number of day contact hours taught in one week in each regular academic semester. Part-time day classroom faculty will be compensated at fifty percent (50%) of their hourly rate for each of these office hours conducted. This calculation is to be included in the regular semester salary. Part-time day classroom faculty who are required to perform portfolio evaluations shall be compensated at one-half (1/2) their normal hourly rate.

38.9 Effective March 26, 2009, adjunct classroom faculty shall receive one half (1/2) of their hourly rate for each hour spent attending mandatory training. Such training shall include Sexual Harassment Training, Occupational Safety and Health Training (OSHA), and any training required by federal law, state law and organizational policy.

38.10 All full-time faculty shall participate in College, Divisional, and Departmental meetings arranged with reasonable notice. Full-time faculty are expected to accept assignments that are necessary for the operation and educational needs of the Department and of the College. Department meetings shall not be held at times which will consistently conflict with any full-time faculty class schedule for an entire semester. The College recognizes the value of supplementary avenues of individual professional growth and development. In the event the faculty member is not on campus (s)he must make every effort to leave a telephone number where (s)he can be reached by his/her Department Chair. When possible, part-time faculty shall be notified of all College, School and Departmental meetings and shall have the right to attend them.

38.10.1 Except where otherwise specifically stated elsewhere in this contract, release time for assignments is negotiable between the employee concerned and the President of the College.