Mission Statement

The Master of Arts in Exhibition and Experience Design is a forum for cross-disciplinary design experimentation.

Built upon a foundation of field and studio work, critical research, and thesis construction, an exhibition and experience design education should be comprehensive, incorporating myriad applied design disciplines and the cultivation of conceptual thinking. Students’ technical mastery in spatial design, environmental graphics, lighting, multimedia and production should be accompanied by the ability to plan, conceptualize, work with a diverse team, and employ a creative logic.

The graduate Exhibition and Experience design studio should be treated as a forum for professional and scholarly collaboration and experimentation where students are explorers and inventors, maximizing advancements in fundamental and state of the art media to truly unique ends.

Students of the discipline should embody the knowledge that exhibitions are intellectually, emotionally, and physically meaningful experiences created for and driven by visitors, and that to be an Exhibition and Experience designer is to be a storyteller. Upon achievement of the Master of Arts Degree, students should see themselves as leaders and stewards of the future of the profession.