3D Design

Sculpture SketchThe 3D Design minor substantiates the connection between multiple disciplines in the School of Art and Design involving three-dimensional design and divergent, creative thinking processes for 3D construction.

This minor adds a specialization that serves as a valuable complement to many of the degree programs in the School of Art and Design.

Minor Coordinator: Josef Zutelgte, Pomerantz Center, Room D346


Complete five of the following courses in any sequence.

Course Credits
DE 101 Principles of Display and Exhibit Design: Small Scale  2
FA 110 Sculpture Studio: Visual Expression of Form and Space  1.5
FA 115 Sculpture and Casting  1.5
JD 138 Introduction to CAD Modeling for Designers 
JD 139 Jewelry Design & Ideations I* (Coreq. JD 174 or approval)  2.5
LD 112 Decorative Leather Techniques  2.5
PK 211 Introduction to Packaging Design  1.5
VP 211 Styling, Prop and Set  2

Please check the Undergraduate Catalog for course descriptions and any prerequisite information.