Personal Business, 34.2

Retrieved from 9/16/2010 Memo to All Department Chairs

Personal Business days may be taken solely to attend to personal business that cannot be conducted outside of the work day such as medical appointments (may be charged to either the personal or sick banks), legal or financial business and/or home repairs. Personal days may not include compensated professional activities unrelated to the college or other activities for which the employee is paid. Advance notice must be given to the immediate supervisors when possible. It is recognized that emergencies may arise which prevent such prior notification. However, upon return to work an explanation must be furnished to the supervisor if requested.

Full-time faculty and staff may use up to five (5) personal business days per academic year (September through August).

Part-time faculty and staff may have two personal business absences during the Fall/Winter period and two during the Spring/Summer period.

Any unused personal days will be rolled back into the sick bank at the end of the academic year. In the event an employee has used up all personal business days, the President of the College or the Presidents designee may grant additional personal business days to be charged against the cumulative sick bank. Misuse of the above provisions shall results in the loss of pay.