Housing Selection

Returning Student Housing Selection

If you missed our information session, you are welcome to watch the Housing Selection Mini Series on YouTube with 7 short videos recapping our housing selection information. For information on important dates, refer to the Residential Life Calendar for Selection Dates and Deadlines. 


The housing selection process allows returning students to reserve housing for the next academic year. Students must reapply for housing each year.

The process consists of three-steps:

  1. Apply and submit your deposit 
  2. Search for and match with roommates (optional) - this step will let you select your own roommates, rather than be assigned roommates by Housing Operations
  3. Select a room

Please note that the process spans many weeks. Spreading it out over his period of time ensures that we can assist students if they encounter problems along the way. We will happily work with students who encounter difficulty applying, choosing roommates, or selecting rooms. Please just reach out to us at [email protected] for support. Our goal is to get students into the building and room they want, with the roommates they want. 

It is important to note not all students will be able to select their desired room. This may be because of the date they applied (submitting an application after the due date to be included in a room selection process), or because no rooms remain available at the time of their room selection timeslot.