Groups and Activities

Pride 365 

Pride 365, an FIT LGBTQ+ Student Support Group, is a drop-in group for LGBTQ+ and questioning students to find connection, affirmation, and support to face the current social, political, and historical moment with joy and strength. Please email Rebecca Hoffman at [email protected] for details. 

"United" - Support Group For International and Out-of-State Students

"United" is a free support group for international and out-of-state students. This support group will be conducted by Dr. Jay Choi of the Counseling Center, along with Marie Mekari and cultural fellows from the International Student Services office. Any international or out-of-state student is welcome to attend, no RSVP required! For more information, please call the Counseling Center at 212-217-4260. 

"FOCUS!" Group

Distractions distracting (social media, drama, world events, worry, shame)?  Need a place to unpack all this so you can finally get organized and get your stuff done? 

Doing so-called "easy" things can be hard and doing hard things can feel impossible. This group is to help students who struggle with concentration and attention to connect with others to overcome shame about lack of focus and develop strategies for accomplishing their goals. 

Join “Focus!” Group and share emotional support and practical advice for staying on top of it all. 

Please call the Counseling Center at (212) 217-4260 or email Rebecca at [email protected] for details. Drop-ins welcome. Bring your lunch!

Ready for Change? Substance Use Support Workshop

Feeling isolated and alone? Feeling like it's hard to talk about your substance use with family and friends? Feeling concerned that you are self-medicating and need support? Come learn new ways to cope and deal with triggers in a non-judgmental setting. Please contact Jennifer Stachacz at [email protected] for more information about this group.

Morning Sound Bath Series

Join our experiential meditation and relaxation class, which includes breathing exercises, meditation, and sound bath-a listening experience using therapeutic instruments that reduce symptoms of stress, pain and anxiety. Wear comfortable clothing, sit back, and relax! For information about joining, please contact Gloria Waitt at [email protected]

Reiki Workshop

Join our experiential virtual Reiki workshop which includes an introduction to Reiki, a review of chakra balancing, to help calm the mind and to offer overall wellness. For more information, please email Jen @ [email protected] to join.

Creating Connections - Multicultural First Gen Group

Feeling overwhelmed navigating college? Do you come from an immigrant household? Want to connect with other students about mental health? Come connect with other students! 

Group will be held every Tuesday virtually at 1pm

For further information, please email Becca at [email protected]