Computer Essentials for Graphic Design

Graphic designers must be proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign and now must extend their reach from print into interactive design, design for the web and video.  Pick up the software skills you need here in brief highly focused courses.

Not all courses are offered every semester.

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All courses listed are required in order to complete the certificate program, unless otherwise noted.

A total of 9 (7 required and 2 from either concentrations) courses are needed to complete this certificate. Courses can be taken in any order if there are no prerequisites.

Required Courses

CTD 100  Illustrator I
CTD 111*  Illustrator II: Graphic Design
CTD 121*  Illustrator III: Graphic Design
CTD 200  Photoshop I
CTD 211*  Photoshop II: Graphic Design
CTD 520  InDesign I
CTD 040  Managing the Design Process (Formerly CTB 040)

Concentration in Animation/Web

CTD 525  Interactive Design for Tablets and Smart Phones
CTD 706  Animation Design with Adobe Animate

Concentration in Architecture, Construction, or Interior Design

CTD 361  AutoCad I
CTD 362*  AutoCad II
CTD 371  SketchUp for Interior Design and Virtual Reality
CTD 381  Revit I
CTD 382*  Revit II

* Denotes course has prerequisite(s). This means that specific classes must be completed prior to enrolling in this course. Please see the course description for more information.

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