Government and Community Relations

From left: State Senator Brad Hoylman, Governor Kathy Hochul, President Joyce F. Brown, Assemblymember Richard Gottfried. 

Government and Community Relations is the liaison between FIT and federal, state, and city governments, and between FIT and the various communities of which we are a member.

On behalf of the college, we provide advocacy, outreach, and research insight. Our aim is to build and expand relationships, find opportunities for collaboration, and represent the college in its role as one of the major nonprofits and cultural institutions in the Chelsea neighborhood.

Chief among our tasks is to represent the college, on both policy and budget matters, to elected officials in the advocacy process. A significant element of government advocacy is our annual effort to secure government funding for FIT. We also meet regularly with city, state, and federal officials and agencies to advance higher education goals that range from national funding formulas to local zoning reviews.

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