Multi-Sensory Branding

Multi-sensory branding is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing fields in the creative industry. This trans-disciplinary minor is a 5-course program that enables students to acquire a deeper understanding of the practice of sensory branding in the digital age. Students in this minor will gain hands-on experience designing multi-senory brand identities. The minor is applicable to all three schools at FIT:  Art and Design, Business and Technology, and Liberal Arts.

Minor Co-Coordinator: C.J. Yeh
Minor Co-Coordinator: Christie Shin


Complete the following five courses.

  • It is recommended to complete CT305 and CT322 before attempting the other course options
  • Students coming from Communication Design Foundation AAS have the option to substitute CT305 and CT322 with CT230 - UX Writing and CT411 - Design and Interation.
Course Credits
CT 303 Dynamic Branding                                2 (1 lecture, 2 studio/lab)
CT 305 Digital Design: Visual Communication 3 (2 lecture, 2 studio/lab)
CT 322 Digital Design: Visual Storytelling 3 (2 lecture, 2 studio/lab)
CT 342 3D Brand Identity Design 3
CT 350 Sonic Branding 3

Please check the Undergraduate Catalog for course descriptions and any prerequisite information.