Film, media, and the performing arts consist of a wide spectrum of communication theories and practices that confront how we think and feel individually and as a society. You can use them to make a statement. You can use them to express yourself. You can use them however you want.

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Film and Media Major

Film and Media is a program in the School of Liberal Arts. Students must start with the Associate in Applied Science degree, then move on to a Bachelor of Science degree. Throughout the program, students make films while studying history and theory.

Program Details

Film and Media Minor

A Film and Media Studies minor can enrich your education and provide a useful skill set. You'll learn the language of film criticism and history and apply your critical skills to a century of narrative and experimental film, documentary, television, and other media, from around the globe.

Film and Media Minor Details

Dance Minor

The Dance minor immerses you in New York's vibrant dance scene as a practitioner, viewer, and writer. You will engage with dance as movement, as social projection, and as an art form.

Dance Minor Details

Integrative Wellness Minor

Blending study and hands-on practice, the Integrative Wellness minor will teach you to handle life’s challenges with self-awareness and ease. In a nonjudgmental atmosphere, you will explore your mental, emotional, physical, and societal selves, cultivating understanding, focus, and civility.

Integrative Wellness Minor Details

Additional Courses

Some majors require health and physical education credits, or you can take these classes for fun:

  • Yoga, Meditation, Mat Pilates, Tai-Chi, and Kung Fu
  • Latin American Music, American Music, Music in the European Classical Tradition
  • Fitness Training and Aerobics
  • Introduction to Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, and Fencing
  • Health Education, Stress Management, and Human Sexuality
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Outside the Classroom

Understanding the concepts and tactics behind visual media will strengthen your ability to communicate. Even if you don't pursue a film career, you'll be able to share your ideas visually with future employers and clients.


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Our Film, Media, and Performing Arts faculty are dedicated professionals and scholars—experts in their fields of study.




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