Noise Reduction Progress to Date

Manhattan West

To date, FIT has made the following progress on reducing the construction noise disruptive to Kaufman Hall residents:

  • Brookfield Properties has identified a 24/7 representative with telephone and email contact information for registering suggestions and complaints. 
  • Brookfield Properties now provides a schedule of work to FIT on a weekly basis;
  • Brookfield Properties is utilizing drill and rock splitters where ever possible as an alternative to using significantly noisier hoe rams;
  • Brookfield Properties has installed a 12-foot-high wall around the site instead of the NYC Department of Building's required 8-foot fence;
  • Brookfield Properties develops their weekly work plans to spread the loudest activities across multiple times throughout the day to break up sustained period of noisy work;
  • Brookfield Properties is placing noise shrouds over the loudest machinery when they are being used;
  • Sound attenuation blankets have been placed adjacent to all work area;
  • Sound jackets are being utilized on jackhammers when practical;
  • Brookfield Properties has positioned trailers and equipment along the perimeter of the site to dampen sound;
  • Brookfield Properties has enclosed the pressure manifold, a machine that generates significant noise, in a sound protection box;
  • Brookfield Properties is monitoring sound with a decibel reading machine at the Kaufman Hall roof and loading dock and they have a sound monitor recording noise at street level;
  • FIT retained its own sound engineer to record interior noise from numerous residence-hall rooms on different floors. This monitoring will continue based on the construction schedule.

New York City Department of Design and Construction

Sewer Installation on West 30th Street–Completed

  • The contractor agreed to delay the start of work on West 30th Street from 7am to 8am on weekdays, and does not work on weekends.
  • The contractor agreed to an earlier completion date of 12/8/18 instead of 12/15/18.