International Student Speech Contest

Lessons Learned / Advice Offered

Professors Asli Gokhan-Kucuk,  Patricia Iacobazzo, Charlotte Brown, Lee Whiting, Matthew Petrunia (English and Speech)

The contest, Lessons Learned/Advice Offered, offered FIT international students an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively in English; provide a forum for international students to share their insights and experiences; and receive public recognition for their accomplishments. International students were invited to submit an outline for a 6-8 minute speech on their experiences as international students at FIT and offer advice for incoming international students. The faculty panel, speech faculty from the English and Speech Department and the ESL faculty, reviewed submissions and selected five finalists. The finalists presented their speeches at the International Student Speech Contest, and three winners (and two honorable mentions) were chosen. The winners received a cash gift and a certificate. The results of the competition were widely publicized among the FIT community to promote understanding, inclusion and diversity. The applicants hope that the speech contest will become an annual event. The quality of speeches were a measure of the initiatives success, as well as attendance and feedback from the attendees.

With more of these events, the applicants will compile a document called Lessons Learned and the Advice Offered to distribute to all new international students.