Precollege Dining

Precollege students in the dining hall and breezeway

Common Lunch Hour 

All Precollege students (high school and middle school) who are enrolled in two sessions per day will have the same lunch hour so they may socialize with other Precollege students. Common lunch hour is from 12:30–1:30 pm daily in all fall, spring, and summer programs. Students may visit any of the FIT dining lounges, or they may visit the local food option in the immediate vicinity of FIT. This is up to the discretion of the parent or guardian. 

Please note: Students are not escorted to and from their classes to a dining location. Students must be comfortable traveling throughout the campus on their own.

Vending machines are available thought the campus.

Precollege Dining

Students are welcome to use the provided dining location whether they purchase an FIT meal option, bring lunch from home or purchase food from neigborhood vendors. 

The primary dining space for Precollege students is the Great Hall located in the Pomerantz Center. Snacks or pre-paid lunch options can be purchase at FIT Express in the Feldman Lobby.

  • There will be various lunch-time activities and fun presentations available during the lunch hour.

Summer Prepaid Meal Options

Meal plans are priced and purchased per week. For pre-paid lunch options please contact [email protected].