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Digital meets handmade international jewelry symposium.

Jewelry Sympoisum may 15 through 17, 2018.


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A partnership between the Fashion Institute of Technology and Politecnico di Milano

Join us for three days of discussion surrounding jewelry design and manufacturing. There has been a seismic shift in jewelry design and manufacturing in recent years. As digital design and model making have speeded up the process, they have proven themselves invaluable as tools of the trade. But every tool, hand-held or digital—leaves its mark. This symposium will provide an arena for debate on how digital technology and making by hand duel for influence in the aesthetics, the use, and the cultural contexts of jewelry as both a manufactured product and as an applied art form.

The discussion will not only be oriented to the outcome of different crafting procedures, but it is intended to propose reflection on the production and distribution processes for jewelry. The implications “digital vs handmade" in social context will be explored. The question of how the integration of digital technology effects sustainability will be examined—both in manufacturing, and in how if effects the perceived value of the jewelry—monetarily and as art. And finally, the symposium is intended to foster debate and research in the didactics of jewelry as an applied art, through of critical analysis and discovery. ​

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Deadline for Speaker Registration is April 30.

Conference Topics

  • Sleight of Hand: Digital Influence on Contemporary Jewelry
  • Glitch in the Copy
  • Digital vs. Handmade in Studio Jewelry: How Will Valuation Be Measured and Effected?
  • The Grid, from Colonial to Digital: The Role of Digital Technology in Craft-Making
  • Haptics: Hands-on Approach to 3D Digital ModelingCraft Pedagogy and the Digital Challenge
  • Wear Your Tech
  • Future Bodies
  • A Manual Interface: Digital Tools in the Jeweler’s Hands
  • Precious Trash

Peer-Reviewed Paper Presentations

Papers have been submitted by scholars, artists, jewelers, industry professionals, and companies. Nations represented include Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, and the United States. There will be approximately 35 paper presentations in all. The keynote speeches and the accepted papers will be published in Digital Meets Handmade, 2018.