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The exhibition space showcases the work of students, faculty, and distinguished alumni, as well as invited guest artists.


The Art and Design Gallery is open from 9 am until 6 pm, seven days per week. The gallery is located at the northwest corner of Seventh Avenue and 27th Street. 

Journal and Pattern
December 13, 2021–February 27, 2022

Journal and Pattern 

The work on display includes crocheted installations, fibrous stitchery, handmade books, collages, theatrical garments, costumes for dogs, sketches from the COVID-19 lockdown, illustrations of an extraordinary shoe collection, a gigantic moss-like sculpture, and a quilt from students, faculty, alumni and invited guest artists.

Participating artists: Chloe Apostle, Fine Arts student; Anabella Bergero, Fashion Design MFA '20 and inaugural SUNY Performing Arts Creation and Curation Prize winner; Jacyln Burke Fine Arts '22; Slavko Djuric, book artist and technologist, Fine Arts and Photography; Bil Donovan, adjunct associate professor, Illustration; Thomas Leach, exhibition installer; Esther Li, Fashion Design ’21; Melanie Reim, artist and educator and former associate dean, School of Art and Design; Tom Scott,­ assistant professor, Fashion Design; Lauren Zodel, assistant professor, Fashion Design; and invited guest artists Woolpunk and herbalist and artist Donna Cleary. 

Anabella Bergero
Thursday, February 3, 1 pm

Virtual Artist's Talk with Anabella Bergero on Constructing Identities

An installation about gender and culture in contemporary Latin America

Join us for a virtual presentation and discussion with Anabella Bergero, Fashion Design MFA '20, and Tanya Melendez-Escalante, senior curator of Education and Public Programs from The Museum at FIT. Bergero won the inaugural SUNY Performing Arts Creation and Curation Prize for her exhibition proposal, which is on view as part of the Journal and Pattern exhibition in the Art and Design Gallery December 17–February 27.  

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Image shown here:
Anabella Bergero, Fashion Design MFA ’20.

detail of garment embroidery
October 18–November 21, 2021

Style Journey

An exhibition of contemporary kurtas, hand-embroidered and collaboratively designed by FIT Textile/Surface Design students and Fashion Design students from Pearl Academy, India.

Included was an installation by N'Ketiah Brakohiapa, a textile artist and FIT alumus, taking inspiration from his native Ghana.

Also on view was a display of garments by Emily Omesi, recent alumna (Fashion Design '21) and current Fashion Design student Anthony Cruz.


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