Art and Design Gallery

The exhibition space showcases the work of students, faculty, and distinguished alumni, as well as invited guest artists.


The Art and Design Gallery is open from 9 am until 5 pm, seven days per week. The gallery is located at the northwest corner of Seventh Avenue and West 27th Street.

detail of painting
June 10 - July 28, 2024

Summer Highlights

This Summer Highlights Exhibition showcases a diverse range of artwork, including tapestries, paintings, collages, large-scale installations, illustrations of exemplary interior design, and spatial experience design installations. All exhibited pieces are the creations of students, sta , alumni, and invited guest artist.

Contributing artists include Starr Smith, Marie Sellier, and Lyndsey Brown (current Spatial Experience Design students); Yingzhi Baisley, Marta Kolano, and Yuval Izhaki (Interior Design BFA '24); Joe Biss, Xavier Checo, Will Baaske, and Sebastian Tea Rice (Fine Arts '24); Shayan Nazarian (invited guest artist), Melissa Starke (Fine Arts sta , Art Market MA‘20); Natalia Anikushina (Fashion Design ’96); Klarissa Angleine Gracia and Diana Gracia (Spatial Experience Design ‘24).




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August 9 - September 3, 2024

It's a Kids World; Play, Imagine, Create

When designing for young children it is important to experience the world as they do. This form of empathy allows for deeper sense connection and understanding.

It’s a Kid’s World! Play, Imagine, Create,  embraces the imagination of a child and what it means to design for young audiences. In this exhibition, play, inquiry, and wonder take center stage, through interactive and educational components designed to engage visitors and showcase the work of FIT students in Fashion Design (Childrenswear), Toy Design, Illustration, Textile Surface Design and Footwear and Accessories Design. 

In the back gallery, a selection of work from a special project by Spence Chapin called Dear Future, highlights the work of  a group of children residing in an orphanage in Cali, Colombia. Featuring photography, video work, and vibrant costumes, the work aims to explore the possibilities that emerge when vulnerable children are given the space to dream.

Illustration: Bonny Wong


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May 14 – 26, 2024

Graduating Student Exhibition

The 2024 Graduating Student Exhibition presented the work of more than 600 student graduates in 16 areas of study from the School of Art and Design. The work was the culmination of each student’s unique experience in FIT’s diverse, challenging, and demanding undergraduate art and design programs. Featuring juried, award-winning, and thesis projects, this presentation was the manifestation of several years of research, experimentation, critical thinking, and artistic proficiency. The Graduating Student Exhibition advances the college’s philosophy that integrates practice in industry with theory and teaching inside the studio. 

Visit the GSE page for locations for each department's exhibit.


Art and Design Gallery

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