Interpreter Services

The Office of Disability Services, FIT-ABLE, provides interpreter services to students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

You must meet eligibility requirements to receive services and/or reasonable accommodations.

We will hire interpreters from outside agencies when necessary, but there is lead time required to secure interpreters.

How to Request Interpreter Services

1. Provide your request in writing (email is fine) at least 48 business hours in advance of the date needed–this is three to four days. Your responsibility includes planning and time management, so schedule appointments in advance, coordinating with the Office of Disability Services.

  • Example 1: You need to have a meeting on campus in Financial Aid, with your academic advisor, a professor, etc. Be sure your scheduled appointment includes the 48-hour business hour window in order to secure the services you need. (If you need an interpreter for your tutoring sessions, please follow the procedures listed below in requesting an interpreter.)
  • Example 2: You need an interpreter on Monday and you make a request on Friday evening. This is not 48 hours notice, because FIT-ABLE is not open on Saturday and Sunday. You should make your request on Wednesday.

2. Provide ALL of the following information when requesting an interpreter.

  • your name
  • the day and date of the meeting, event, or class
  • the beginning time of the meeting, event, or class
  • the end time of the meeting, event, or class
  • your preferred language (ASL, English-to-English, etc.)
  • the exact location where you will meet the interpreter (Be specific. Do not say "the library." Instead, describe where in the library you will be.)
  • your contact information (please note: we will use your FIT email when contacting you via email)