Services for Prospective Applicants

FIT-ABLE welcomes prospective students during their college-selection process to meet with the Coordinator.

Services provided:

  • If a student or their parent is deaf or hard of hearing and requires a sign language interpreter, and the student is not a V.E.S.I.D. consumer with the ability to provide their own interpreter, arrangements can be made to secure a meeting date with an agency interpreter will be hired for said meeting. At least one week's notice is required to put in place this service.
  • If a student and/or their parent are attending the Admissions Group Information Session and needs an interpreter, an agency interpreter will be hired by FIT-ABLE. The Admission video which has been closed captioned will be requested by FIT-ABLE to be aired during the beginning of the session.
  • If a student requires a mobility orientation of the campus, upon scheduling a meeting with the FIT-ABLE, arrangements can be made for a mobility orientation.
  • If a student requires the use of a service animal while on-campus, it is recommended that the student contact FIT-ABLE. The FIT-ABLE Staff will convey this information via email to the Director of Campus Security for dissemination to all Security personnel to ensure access.