The FIT-ABLE Staff

Joseph Plutz
Director, Office of Disability Services, FIT-ABLE

Joseph Plutz has been working in the FIT-ABLE Office since March 2007. He earned his BA in Finance from North Central College, Naperville, Illinois and completed his Masters Degree in Disability Studies at the CUNY School of Professional Studies (SPS). He is co-chair of the FIT Diversity Council and works closely with students, faculty, and staff to promote disability awareness on the FIT campus to foster dialog and understanding of disability as a category of diversity and identity. He is also a member of the FIT CARE Team which provides timely proactive intervention resources for students, faculty, and staff in order to address student issues and promote student academic success and safety.

Alexis Robins
Associate Coordinator

Alexis joined the FIT-ABLE Office in December 2019. Alexis is a Licensed Social Worker with an advanced clinical focus on mental health and disabilities. She earned her degree from the Columbia University School of Social work in May 2018. Alexis works closely with students, faculty, and staff to arrange accommodations and ensure equal access at FIT. She is also the advisor to the Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society.

Sapna Thakkar
Program Coordinator of Disability Services

Sapna Thakkar joined the FIT community in 2017. She works with students in the FIT-ABLE program to support their academic progress, strengthen executive functioning skills, and develop effective study strategies. In addition, Sapna leads trips to fashion-related sites in New York City as well as various arts, cultural, and trade events. She works closely with other resource departments on campus to provide guidance to students in their internship/career explorations. Sapna is also an instructor in the Math department at FIT. 

Jacqueline Bergen 
Counselor Associate

Jacqueline joined the FIT-ABLE office in January 2018. She focuses on accessibility and assistive technology. Jacqueline works with students to select assistive technologies that meet their individual needs, and provides ongoing training and support. She also handles alternate format/digital textbook requests - remediating course materials for improved accessibility, and coordinates interpreting services for classes and college events. Jacqueline serves on FIT's Web Accessibility/Electronic Information & Technology Accessibility Committee, and is interested in promoting accessibility awareness and Universal Design initiatives.

Gail Leech-Sims
Administrative Assistant

Gail joined FIT in April, 2008 and has served in various capacities. Prior to joining the FIT-ABLE Office in June of 2011 she worked in the Campus Card Office and the Enrollment Management and Student Success Office. Gail is an integral part of the FIT-ABLE office as the first point of contact for students and visitors creating a friendly and professional environment that everyone appreciates. Gail also continues to improve her own professional development by taking classes at FIT.