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News and Events

2020 Graduating Student Exhibition Awards

First Place: Marella Albanese

marella art work

Second Place: Faythe Stone

faythe stone illustration

Third Place: Nicholas Tomaselli

Nick Tomaselli art

Honorable Mention: Olivia Davis

olivia david art

Honorable Mention: Peidong Lin

Pei dong lin art work

Honorable Mention: Courtney Demola

courtney demola sculpture


Student Scholarship Competition

The Illustration program is very proud to announce our FIT Illustration winners of the Society of Illustrators 2020 Student Scholarship Competition. In response to the COVID-19 situation, this year the Society featured all artists and their works within the SOI's new online gallery.  

Artist: Amanda Bueno Veras Illustration '21
Title: Olivia
$2,000 The Artrepreneur Scholarship Winner

amanda veras


Artist: Maria Lucero  Illustration '19  Title: Yokohama

mari lucer art

Artist: Nicholas Tomaselli Illustration '20
Title: Reclaimed City


Artist: Jemin Ren Illustration '21
Title: Mello

jemin ren art


Artist: Monet Kifner Illustration '19
Title: Lovers

monet kifner

Artist: Mark Luczak Illustration '19    Title: Narcissism

mark luczak art

Artist: Faythe Stone Illustration '20
Title: Fish and Ships 

faythe stone art




Student Art Show

The National Arts Club is pleased to announce the 2020 Will Barnet Student Show. Congratulations to Faythe Stone Illustration '20 and Jemin Ren Illustration '21. Their works were selected to represent FIT Illustration in this prestiges exhibition. With regret, because of COVID-19, the NAC Will Barnet Student Show had been suspened until further notice.

faythe stine art 2

artist: Faythe Stone

faythe stone art


Jemin Ren art


Jemin Ren art 2

artist: Jemin Ren




CBS This Morning Saturday show did a piece on the exhibition at the SOI.

Fashion Illustration: The Visionaries
A Century of Illustration from the Frances Neady Collection
January 7th to March 7th at the Society of Illustrators
Anthony Mason interviewed our prestigeous and prominent faculty Bil Donovan at the SOI as he took Mason through the show, CBS then filmed Bil at his studio drawing live.
The program will include Glenn Tunstull and Sara Singh.


Congratulation to Caitlin Taduran awarded Winner and Nicholas Keslake awarded Runner-up under the Illustration: Student category in the current Creative Quarterly Magazine Issue 56


art: nicholas keslake


art: cailtlin taduran



Congratulation to Marella Albanese class 2020 and Professor John Nickle both student and professor have their work selected to the 2019 Society of Illustrators 62 Annual Competition.

group of people talking

Artist: Marella Albaneseclass 2020

Gouache on paper

"The painting is about a backyard conversation where one of the people is a getting a hot head. It's meant to capture the inner feelings of a moment between a small group of friends."



station Wagon 

Artist: John Nickle, Associate Professor

Acrylic on unprimed Illustration Board

"This was my first car that I learned to drive. My big sister, little brother and I all learned the rules of the road in this beast - a ‘64 Ford Falcon."



The Italian Way, Lessons From the Masters for Our Time
Congratulations to Emma DeBobes, Monet Kifner and Caitlin Taduran, their artwork was selected for the 2019 Society of Illustrator's Student Scholarship Competition. Exhibition Dates: May 7 through to June 8, 2019.2019 Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition Winners




This month-long study abroad program is held in Florence, Italy and focuses on bridging the art of the Italian Renaissance to the contemporary artist. Participating students, sophomore through senior years, are from programs in the Fine Art, Illustration, Packaging Design, and Graphic Design departments within the School of Art and Design at FIT. Florence is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and home to many famous artists such as Michelangelo, Botticelli, Brunelleschi and Leonardo da Vinci. The program offers students a rich opportunity to spend the majority of class time on location, exploring the city’s magnificent architecture, paintings and sculptures of the era. Visits to museums, churches and nearby towns give inspiration to the group. On view in the exhibition are paintings and sketchbooks that reflect the rich culture, and history of the region. Students are taught to paint with egg tempera, a medium of choice of many Renaissance artists. The egg tempera medium was used to create all of the paintings in this exhibition. The choice and instruction of this medium was designed to bridge the students and their painting experiences to the artists of the Renaissance. The goal was not to have a finished painting, but to give each student a first-hand experience of what the artists of the Renaissance did to create their masterpieces. Through the process, students gained a better understanding of and appreciation for the craftsmanship in the work of artists in 15th century Italy.