8:15 am Registration, Reception and Coffee

9:20 am Welcome Speech

9:40 am Keynote Speaker: Wendy Yothers: "A Collision of Cultures: Digital Meets Handmade"

10:00 am Annika Pettersson: "Glitch in the Copy: Digital Technology/Noise Artifact"

10:20 am Lisa M. Berman: "How Valuation Can Be Affected and Measured in Digitally Wrought Jewelry"

10:40 am Veronika Schwarzinger: "The Relationship between Jewelry Maker and Jewelry Consumer: Jewelry as Art"

11 am Coffee Break

11:20 am Keynote Speaker: Alba Cappellieri: "Time Lapse in Jewelry: Is Digital the Only Future?"

11:40 am Yan Li and Liang Hao: "Digital Design and Additive Manufacturing of Precious Metal for Jewelry With Movable Structures"

Noon Azure Qianwen Zhang: "Algorithms and Hands"

12:20 pm Marie Boltenstern: "Series of Uniqueness—Computational Strategies for Direct Precious Metal Printing"

12:40 pm Lunch Break

2:20 pm Keynote Speaker: Susanna Pozzoli, curator, artist and creator of the Homo Farber exhibition

2:40 pm Sarvani Vaddi: "Traditional Handcrafted Jewelry vs. Contemporary Digital Jewelry Dictated by Culture"

3 pm Sasha Nixon: "Pixels Bejeweled: Modern Media and Contemporary Jewelry"

3:20 pm Kadri Mälk and Sofia Hallik: "Digital Craft"

3:40 pm Coffee Break

4 pm Anna Walker: "A Manual Interface: Digital Tools in the Jeweler's Hand"

4:20 pm Ann Marie Shillito: "Haptics: A Hands-On Approach to 3D Digital Model-Making"

5 pm Tour of the Graduating Students Exhibition, The Museum at FIT



9 am Reception and Coffee

9:40 am Keynote Speaker: David Fletcher: "An Overview of Direct Digital Manufacturing, with Case Studies"

10 am Elizabeth Fischer: "Future Bodies"

10:20 am Christine Ludeke: "Manufacturing Human Beingness in Jewelry Through Digital Transformation"

10:40 am Alba Cappellieri, Livia Tenuta, and Susanna Testa: "Jewellery Interactions: From Analogic to Digital"

11 am Coffee Break

11:20 am Caitlin Skelcey: "Fabricated Bodies: Jewelry Prosthetic and Cyborg Identities"

11:40 am Michael Gayk: "The Need for Design Rigor and Variability Within Digital Craft"

Noon Xinan Yu: "Digital Humanity and Visualization of the Jewelry Archive and Kinematic Reinterpretation for Historic Jewelry"

12:20 pm Lunch

2:20 pm Keynote Speaker: David Webb

2:40 pm Paulina Sierra: "Future Carriers of Our Past"

3 pm Jeff Deegan: "Finding the Sensuous in Digital"

3:20 pm Erica A. Meier: "Reexamining Skill: Deskilling and Dematerialization in Jewelry"

3:40 pm Coffee Break

4:00 pm Bin Dixon-Ward: "The Grid, From Colonial to Digital: The Role of Digital Technology in Craft Making"

4:20 pm Sunyoung Cheong: "The Future of Jewelry Programs in Higher Education: The Intersection of Technology and Handcraft"

5:40 pm Dinner



9 am Reception and Coffee

9:40 am Keynote Speaker: Troy Richards

10 am Donna Mason Sweigart, Patricia Madeja, Ho'o Hee, and Ashley Marcovitz: "Nomenclature in Jewelry"

10:20 am Preetha Hussain: "Decoding the Importance of Handmade Jewelry in the Indian Cultural Context"

10:40 am Karen-Ann Dicken and Sandra Wilson: "Digital Tooling"

11 am Coffee Break

11:20 am Zoltan David: "The Successful Union of CAD with Handmade: Pricing Involving CAD Use"

 11:40 am Synne Skjulstad: "Precious Trash: Discursive Jewelry, Ocean Plastic, and Digital Mediational Refinement"

Noon Jason Thomson: "Digital Graffiti"

12:20 pm Emily Cobb: "Sleight of Hand: Digital Influences on Contemporary Jewelry Education"

12:40 pm Lunch

2:20 pm Keynote Speaker: Matt Bennett

3:20 pm Panel Discussion: "Has CAD Gone Bad?"

3:40 pm Kim Nelson: "A Virtual Tradition"

4 pm Lynne Heller and Dorie Millerson: "Craft Pedagogy and the Digital Challenge From a Jewelry Perspective"

4:20 pm Coffee Break

4:40 pm Closing Speech