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Student Clubs

International Trade Student Association (ITSA)

ITSA’s Mission Statement:

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the classroom and careers. We will serve as the community hub for academic development and professional networking for our fellow students with a global mindset. We host weekly meetings featuring guest speakers from varied disciplines as well as workshops to help students grow professionally. We often offer opportunities such as professional events where members can network and gain experience. We hope to make this an active social community of students with similar interests to build lifelong relationships. ITSA will stand as an academic totem pole for members old and new to share ideas, network, and cultivate a community.

Fall 2020 Officers
President - Kayla Washington
Vice President - Jacob Druskin
Secretary - Nia Shy
Treasurer - Paix Creer
PR/Social Media Coordinator - Edvina Ikeljic 
How to Join and Meeting times
Meetings will take place every other Tuesday between 1pm - 2pm in Room B506, while the E-board will meet every Tuesday in the International Trade & Marketing Conference Room in the B436 office between 12pm - 2pm (unless it is a meeting day for all members).  To join the club, please simply attend the meetings.

Spring 2020 Officers

President - Gabriela Generalao
Vice President - Kayla Washington
Treasurer - Krista Hyche
Secretary - Kevin Minutti
Public Relations/Marketing - Kywat (Christine) Lwin
Fall 2019 Officers

President - Gabriela Generalao
Vice President - Monica Grover
Treasurer - Krista Hyche
Secretary - Kevin Minutti
Public Relations/Marketing - Kywat (Christine) Lwin

Spring 2019 Executive Board Members

President - Angela Serpe
Vice President - Amber Carnahan
Treasurer - Gabriela Generalao
Secretary - Monica Grover
Public Relations - Kywat (Christine) Lwin
How to Join 
Meetings are held every Tuesday from 1-2pm in Room B506
Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: itsa_fitnyc
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/ company/itsafitnyc 
Professor Lawrence Delson

Meets: Tuesdays
Room: Dubinsky B506
Faculty Advisor: Lawrence Delson

Please see Club Flyer for more information (.pdf)