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Summer in Italy

two students snorkeling at the great barrier reef.

Egg tempera painting by Megan Brady

Il261 The Italian Way, Summer 2019

IL261 The Italian Way: Lessons from the Masters

FIT's Illustration program is designed to serve as a bridge introducing the young art student or professional to the European experience through a four-week stay amid people, places, and institutions that contributed so much to the culture of Western civilization.

For generations, Italy has offered inspiration to artists of all ages and at all stages of their careers. Inheriting the great traditions of Greek art, the Italians went on to sustained eras of unparalleled creativity through the centuries we know as Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque. In recent years, that spirit has re-emerged in the worlds of contemporary design, fashion, interiors, illustration, graphics, and a dazzling array of crafts.

It is for the young artist, in particular, that the opportunity to enter the world of the great masters has always been the most intriguing—and ultimately the most rewarding. Historically, the lure has been that city which has loomed so large in the unfolding of Italian creativity: FLORENCE.

This will be approached via drawing and painting on location in and around the heart of Florence, with group visits to museums, galleries, and churches. Students will keep a personal pictorial diary and produce one final project. The final project will be executed in egg tempera, this medium was a choice of many artists of the thirteen centuries in Florence.

In perceiving the program as a "bridge," care has been taken to schedule free time as well as long weekends. Suggestions and information will be offered for trips to nearby points of interest, as well as cities within easy traveling distance such as Siena, Rome, and Venice. The distances are surprisingly short, transportation is excellent, Italians are friendly, and the rewards are memorable.

If you have any questions about the class please email Professor Kam Mak and visit FIT's Office of International Programs (Study Abroad).