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Sara Petitt, Fabric Styling Faculty

I always tell my students to take a camera with them when they walk about in the city because you never know what you're going to discover. Here's an example: I noticed kids on the subway wearing do-rags, and then I'm looking through a high-end bridal magazine, and there in the Paris collections are bridal gowns with beaded do-rags, instead of the traditional veils or tiaras.

What moves me as a teacher is when I can make a difference in a student's life. I had a student who was an investment banker and hated what he did. He told his associates he'd found this Fabric Styling program at FIT and they all told him he was crazy to give up investment banking. Of course, now they may be singing a different tune. He came into my program and now he's a trend forecaster for Cotton Incorporated. He made a complete career change and he's happy. He was one of those people who feel they have a creative impulse that's not being satisfied, but they can't draw or paint. Once they have the right computer skills, they can do whatever they want. Drawing and painting only take you so far; what clients want are great concepts, big thinking.